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What I’ve Loved In March | #13

Well after a little break I thought I would bring back my monthly favourites. I’ve missed looking back and writing about the things I’ve loved each month. I always find it a good way to remember the things I’ve enjoyed as well as sharing my recommendations on anything from days outs, books, movies and more. March has been a quick month and I can’t believe we’re heading into April tomorrow. Before we do, here is what I’ve loved in March.

Ambassador Day Out

This month I got to wear my Mobiloo Ambassador hat and attend Disabled Access Day at Stirling Castle. It was great to support this event which celebrates good access and encourage people to try something new. Mobiloo attended the event to provide accessible toilet facilities with an adult-sized changing bench and hoist for those who need it. We had a great time exploring the Castle with my nephew and even though it was freezing it was really pretty in the snow.

Emma sitting inside the Stirling Castle ground.For my full review on Stirling Castle, you can check out the link below.
Stirling Castle Wheelchair Accessible Review | Disabled Access Day With Mobiloo

TV Show

I’m always on the lookout for a new TV show to get stuck into. This month I’ve really been enjoying Dirty John on Netflix. Dirty John is a true crime television series, based on the podcast of the same name by Christopher Goffard. This series stars Connie Britton as a successful and wealthy Newport Beach Interior Designer and Eric Bana as a manipulative, psychological liar and conman. I don’t want to give too much away, but I loved it and found it really gripping.

Dirty John Netflix image

Birmingham Trip

This week we took a trip to Birmingham to attend Naidex which is Europes largest disability event. My Mum came along with us on this trip and we had a great few days away. It was a great experience to be part of the judging panel for the Changing Lives Award along with three amazing people, Shani Dhanda, Samanta Bullock and Ian Guyah-Low. Despite the difficult decision, we finally announced Passenger Assist by Transreport as the winner. We stayed at Travelodge Solihull for two nights and I’m excited to share my review of our stay with you soon.

Emma sitting behind the judging panel at Changing Lives Award at Naidex.

Winning Toys

We stopped off at a few services during our drive to and from Birmingham. Allan was on a mission to win as many toys as possible for our nephew Cody from the grabber machines. So each time we stopped Allan would have a go at the machines. Each time he won something with a total of four soft toys for our nephew. We sent some photos to him of us holding his new soft toy friends and he was over the moon. I especially loved the video my nephew sent us thanking Uncle Allan for winning them for him and that he couldn’t wait to see us.

Two photos of Emma - both are Emma sitting beside the grabber machine holding the soft toys Allan won for their nephew.

Booking Gigs

It’s no secret that we love going to gigs. This year seems to be a record number of gigs we have booked so far. At the moment we have 14 gigs already booked. There are a few months where we have nothing booked and some months we have several. We have four booked in for May. I’m sure there will be more added as the months go by and more tours are announced. The three gigs I’m most excited for are Kings of Leon, The 1975 and Dermot Kennedy. You can check out the Gig Section for all my gig reviews.

A collection of gig tickets.


After receiving a Kindle from my Mum for my birthday I’ve really been enjoying reading again. I found it difficult to hold books because of my muscle weakness in my arms and hands. Having a kindle is a million times easier for me. I love it and I’ve loved reading The Good Samaritan by John Marrs. This book is about a woman who works at a suicide helpline, but she isn’t the person she makes out to be. She is a psychopath with ulterior motives. It was a great thriller with twists and turns, which kept me interested until the end. I might even look into reading more of this author’s books. Please send me your book recommendations – I’d love to find new books to read.

The Good Samaritan book cover

What have you enjoyed this month? Do you have any recommendations of places to visit, movies to watch or things to do?

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