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Get To Know Me: 20 Questions!

The lovely Carrie from Life On The Slow Lane tagged me to answer these 20 questions and I’m happy to finally share them with you today. I’ve never done a blog like this before so I thought it would be fun and a good way for you to find out a little more about me, my likes, dislikes and more. So without further ado likes jump into the questions. 

20 Questions! Let’s Go

1. Morning or evening person?

Definitely an evening person. I hate mornings especially when I have to get up super early. I don’t really speak much in the morning and it takes me a while to properly feel human.

2. Night in or night out?

Night in. Although I do enjoy going to gigs, I’m definitely not a pub or nightclub kinda gal.

3. Lots of friends or a few close friends?

A few close friends. I’m much more comfortable one-on-one or amongst small groups of people. I like having a few close friends that I know I can rely on and vice-versa.

4. Time to yourself or time spent with others?

I enjoy both but depends on the situation really. Due to my disability, I can’t really do a lot for myself so I always need someone with me, but when I do get a little time to myself its heaven.

5. Holiday at home or abroad?

Again it depends on the situation and time of year. Living in Scotland it’s mainly cold, so if it’s winter then I’d definitely opt for a holiday abroad somewhere hot. There are some amazing and beautiful spots in Scotland that I enjoy holidaying at, but since I love travelling so much I’d probably pick abroad.

6. Countryside, seaside or city?

I love them all, but if I had to choose then I’d probably say countryside. It would be lovely to have a house surrounded by fields, trees, wildlife and the beautiful scenery.

7. Hot climate or cold climate?

Definitely hot climate. I’m always cold so somewhere hot is amazing. I hate wearing layers and thick jackets because it restricts my limited movement even more. I love being somewhere warm so that I don’t have to layer up on clothing.

8. Books or films?

I’m a big movie fan. I love relaxing with a blanket over me watching all sorts of films.

9. Rice or pasta?

Both are tasty, but I’d probably choose pasta. Allan makes a mean vegan pasta dish. Yum!

10. Tea or coffee or..?

Tea. Only herbal teas though. I’ve never tried coffee and I never will. I hate the smell of coffee.

11. Cook, takeaway or eat out?

All three for different occasions. I love finding a new recipe to try. A takeaway is a nice treat from time to time. I love eating out though as I enjoy getting together with family and finding a great new place to eat out.

12. Formal or casual?


13. Dogs or cats?

We always had dogs in our family home. Although when Allan and I got our own place we decided to get a cat and he is the best wee cat. We’d love a dog, but I don’t think Milo would appreciate that, so, for now, it’s the three of us.

14. Play it safe or be daring?

I think I can be a bit of both depending on the situation and who I am with (bad influencers). For a lot of years I’ve played it safe, but as I’ve gotten older I think I’m starting to be a little daring and I like it.

15. Idealist or realist?

I’ve been told I’m an idealist when it comes to certain things. I can also be very much a realist. I’m a true Scorpio at heart.

16. Lead or follow?

I’m going to give a very neutral answer and say I’m a bit of both.

17. Work or play?

Play, play and play some more.

18. Lennon or McCartney?

Neither. I’ve never been a Beatles fan and probably couldn’t name any of their songs. Is that bad?

19. Love or money?

Love all the way.

20. Share your problems or keep them to yourself?

I generally keep problems to myself and I don’t like giving too much away or talking about myself to others. Allan is the only person that I will fully open up to. There is so much I could share about myself, my disability, my thoughts etc. on my blog but there is something that holds me back. Maybe one day though.

Thanks again to Carrie for 20 questions and what great questions they were, don’t you think? Feel free to answer them in the comments. I’d love to read your answers.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Emma, it’s been very interesting to know about you in these 20 questions.
    I’m from Barcelona and also have a disability, I’m blind and I also have a blog (in spanish) sharing my travel experiènces and showing the huge possibilities that an accessible tourism has.
    Thx for your I’ll be following your posts!

    PS: I Love Scotland, I went on 2004 and I want to come back!

    1. Hi Nuria! Thank you for your comment. I loved Barcelona when I visited a few months ago. That is great you have a blog too. I will make sure I check it out.

      So glad you enjoyed Scotland. Where did you visit when you were over here?

      Thanks again.

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