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WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit Makes Beach Days Accessible

Going to the beach is something a lot of people take for granted. For wheelchair users, going to the beach is difficult. The simple fact is that sand and wheelchairs just don’t go together. Well, that used to be the case. Now, beach days are possible thanks to amazing beach wheelchairs. They are popping up more and more at beaches all over. Fortunately, I received a WheelEEZ® beach wheelchair conversion kit and it’s been super exciting. So who fancies joining us for a picnic on the beach?

Emma using WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit on the beach in Scotland. She is sitting on fluffy sand while looking across at the view.The conversion kit was gifted to me in return for an honest review, however, as always, all opinions are my own.

Beach Wheelchairs Make Beach Days Accessible

There are different types of beach wheelchairs available, both manual and powered depending on your preference and budget. Some beaches have the option to hire their own beach wheelchairs which is amazing. There are also beach wheelchairs that go fully into the water like this beach wheelchair I used in Barcelona.

Personally, I’ve always loved the beach. However, ever since I was young and became a full-time wheelchair user, it’s been off-limits to me. Whenever we went to the beach I would only be able to go so far until the sand stopped me from going any further. Failing that we would sit in the car and try and enjoy the view from there. It just wasn’t the same.

I wanted to get involved in the fun, dip my toes in the sea, feel the sea breeze and enjoy time with my family. I also wanted that tousled beach hair look too. Ya’know? Haha. I didn’t want to miss out anymore, especially on the special moments with my nephew.

WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit

Having the WheelEEZ® beach wheelchair conversion kit is going to allow me to enjoy all those things so I don’t have to miss out anymore. Not only sandy beaches, but the conversion kit can also allow easy access over gravel pathways, woodland, tracks and trails.

WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit

We tried it out for the first time at Longniddry Beach, East Lothian in Scotland. It was a beautiful day and we had a great day with my sister and nephew. The following photos were taken on that great day. I will also explain how to make a beach wheelchair using this conversion kit.

Here are my top 5 reasons why I love this beach wheelchair conversion kit and why you should get your beach wheels on too:

1. Easy Setup

Manual wheelchair sat on the grass with front and back wheels removed. The conversion kits wheels and bars are laid next to the chair on the grass. Allan and little boy (nephew) are setting up the beach conversion kit to Emma's manual wheelchair.

The conversion kit arrives in boxes and once the contents are laid out, you may think it looks complicated but it’s easier than you initially think. Allan began by taking the front and back wheels off my old manual wheelchair.

The next step was fitting the brackets to the frame of the wheelchair. These brackets are fitted at the back of the chair for the two large beach wheels to slot into the bar to hold them in place.

Next was another bar that goes across underneath the chair and gets fitted to a bar connecting them both together. Nuts and bolts are used to hold it in place and it is relatively straightforward.

Lastly, the front wheel gets connected and you’re good to go. There are instructions, but we didn’t have them at the time when building it and managed just fine by having a look at a YouTube tutorial, but the company emailed me instructions too.

We trialled this at home to make sure we knew what to do once we got to the beach. So we kept the brackets on the frame but we removed the bars so we could fit the manual chair in the car with us.

Once we got to the beach Allan began setting it up with the help of our nephew which took about 10-12 minutes. You can see Allan setting the conversion kit up in the video below.

From now on we plan on keeping the brackets plus the bars in place so it is easier and quicker to set up at the beach. This is how we will continue to use it as it works best for us. Depending on your own circumstances, type of car etc, you may find that you don’t have to take it apart at all. You may simply be able to transport it fully set up.

Another important factor to consider which will also depend on your ability is that you may require someone else to help build it up/take it apart either with you or in my case, for you as I am physically unable to do this myself. If you are more physically able with the use of your arms then you may be able to manage this yourself.

2. The Freedom It Gives

Emma using the WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit at the beach in Scotland. Emma is sitting side on to the camera with her face slightly facing the camera. She is smiling and wearing sunglasses. She is sitting in her manual wheelchair with the conversion kit attached. She is sitting in the water a little bit. A selfie of Allan and Emma on the beach.

“Let the sea, set you free.” – there is no better feeling than being at the beach.

I’ve been a power wheelchair user for most of my life so I’m used to being in control of where I go. Even though the conversion kit is fitted to my manual chair and my family push me around, I don’t feel like my freedom is taken away. The freedom of being able to access the beach again is more than enough.

3. The Gorgeous Views

Emma using WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit on the beach in Scotland. A side on view of Emma in the beach wheelchair. Emma using WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit on the beach in Scotland. She has her back to the camera while sitting at the edge of the water enjoying the view.

Living in Scotland we are never short of amazing scenery. From mountains, and countryside to lochs and more. Scotland also has gorgeous beaches and those views are some of the best views in my opinion.

The way the sun glistens on the sea, the fluffy sand, the waves crashing and the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I love it all.

Scotland has many beautiful beaches and I want to go to them all. We aren’t just limited to Scotland though. The conversion kit is portable so we can take it whenever we travel to England and Wales in the car. I can’t wait.

4. Time With Family And Friends

Emma and her nephew playing on the beach. Photo collage: Little boy (Emma's nephew) has his back to the camera. He is jumping in the air jumping over the waves. A shot of Allan standing in the water throwing water in the air. Emma using WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit on the beach. She is smiling. The water is behind her and a bucket for building sandcastles is on the sand beside her.

Making memories with the ones I care about is what matters the most to me. So being able to spend time with my family and play with my nephew at the beach is a big deal.

I want him to grow up in a world that doesn’t stop someone from living their life because they have a disability. I want to watch him build sandcastles, run into the water and jump over the waves and help him collect shells. I want to teach him facts about sea life and all that good stuff.

My partner and I love the outdoors and nature but always felt that the beach was off-limits for us. There were many times Allan would pass a stunning beach and wish he could take me there to share it with him. Now we can do that.

Going to the beach is something I won’t ever take for granted.

5. Comfort and Pure Relaxation

Emma sitting in the WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit. WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit in action on the beach. Emma is sitting looking across the sea.

“An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease.” The beach is the perfect place to get away from the daily grind. It’s a great way to switch off from the stress factors and just be in the moment. At least, that’s what it means to me.

Being at the beach feels super relaxing, especially feeling the warmth of the sun on my body (as someone who always feels cold, it feels amazing on my weak muscles). I love that the conversion kit fits onto my own manual wheelchair that has been set to my specific measurements and using my custom wheelchair seat cushion adds to the comfort factor.

It isn’t a generic one-size beach wheelchair that anyone can use. It is using my manual wheelchair. The large beach wheels are puncture-proof and provide a nice smooth ride too.

Here is a video to show how amazing this WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit is in action.

Final Thoughts on WheelEEZ® Beach Wheelchair Conversion Kit

The WheelEEZ® beach wheelchair conversion kit is a life-changer for so many disabled people who otherwise would struggle to go to the beach.

The conversion kit fits onto a manual wheelchair and enables you to enjoy being on the fluffy sand and even into the sea. Just don’t go in too far or you will float away. Haha.

The conversion kit is made of hardened marine-grade anodized aluminium so it won’t corrode. I love using the conversion kit and appreciate the moments I get to spend at the beach with my family and simply taking in the views. It will allow us to go to the beach wherever and whenever we want.

If you think this beach wheelchair conversion kit would work for you and your specific needs, then I recommend you check it out.

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15 Responses

  1. That must have felt amazing, to be so close to the water! I haven’t been there in years. I used to stubbornly push my chair through the sand. It took a long time and wore me out! Too much hassle these days. A conversion kit is such a cool idea! Maybe a bit more affordable than a typical beach chair (though still pretty pricey) and I like the convenience of it. It would be easier to store, too, when it isn’t being used. BUT!! Like other beach chairs, it looks like you can’t push it yourself. I don’t even have handlebars on my chair, so I would be quite stuck! LOL That is always my frustration with beach chairs. It is absolutely better than not being able to enjoy the beach at all, but I sure wish somebody would come up with a way for us to enjoy the beach AND our independence at the same time!
    I am glad you are able to enjoy the beach with this kit, though, especially with Allan! That is really wonderful!

    1. Hi Paloma. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. It is a fantastic chair and I can’t wait to be able to use it again when the nice weather returns.

      1. Hello Emma, I’m Laura, I’m Liam’s PA ( carer), but also friend…he is a 31 years old guy who looooves the see.
        We live ne-ar Cambridge…
        Can you give me some more details about the chair? I don’t think we can afford one, but maybe I can find a solution…
        Thank you for you video and positive attitude !
        Love, Lora !

        1. Hi Laura! Thank you for your comment. Of course, please let me know what details you are looking for and I will try my best to answer 🙂

  2. Hello Emma

    Thank you for this useful promo. Do you know if this kit fits to any kind of wheelchair? Our girl is due to get one but it will be quite a complex seating system. Thank you in advance.

    Best wishes

    1. Hi Erika. Thank you for your comment. I believe it does fit any kind of manual wheelchair. I’d have a look at the wheelchair frame underneath just to make sure the wheels are easy to come off and there is space for the brackets to attach to. Please let me know how you get on – I hope you manage to get one and have lots of fun at the beach 🙂

    1. Hello Sally. It is currently available on Amazon for £890. I have linked to it within the article. I hope it helps 🙂

  3. Wow you certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself. I didn’t realise such conversation kits existed. I’m also a wheelchair user. I would love to go onto the beach does this work with an electric wheelchair ??? or not because maybe the water could get into the batteries or electrics.

    Definitely a great idea. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Tracey. So glad you liked this post. The conversion kit is great. This one doesn’t work with powered wheelchairs, but there are beach wheelchairs that are powered. Many beaches now also offer beach wheelchairs to hire for free which is amazing. Hope you are able to try sometime.

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