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10 Simple & Awesome Halloween Costumes for Wheelchair Users

Halloween is a fun time for kids as well as adults. It’s a time to dress up as whatever or whoever you want and eat lots of sweets. (Although, you can do this any day of the year). But picking a Halloween costume when you are a wheelchair user can be ‘tricky’. However, some of the most genius adaptive Halloween costumes are when wheelchairs are fully incorporated into the costume. Unfortunately, I’ve never had the opportunity to transform my wheelchair for Halloween, but here are some of my favourite Halloween costumes for wheelchair users.

A collection of photos of kids wearing fancy dress costumes with text "10 wheelchair halloween costumes kids will love".

The following 10 wheelchair fancy dress costume ideas may have been created for kids, but they would make awesome Halloween costumes for disabled adults too.

1. Ghostbusters

The Ecto-1 is the iconic car from the Ghostbusters movies. Now it’s been transformed into one of the most iconic and coolest Halloween wheelchair costumes. I love the detail on the car and it even has working headlights, siren lights and speakers. One of the speakers plays the Ghostbusters theme song and another one plays the Ecto 1’s siren. Brilliant!

A young boy in a wheelchair dressed up as a Ghostbuster in this Ghostbuster theme halloween wheelchair costume.
Photo by Ryan S. Miller

2. The Flintstones

Some of the best Halloween wheelchair costumes are when wheelchairs are turned into a vehicle. And this Flinstones wheelchair costume is flin-tastic. Okay, I just made that up, but it’s such a great and effective idea while being (seemingly) relatively simple to put together. Some fake logs hung from the wheelchair, a small canopy roof and a cylinder made from foam for the roller. Boom! Complete the look with whatever Flinstones character you wish to be and you’ll have a “yabba dabba doo time!”

A young boy in a wheelchair dressed as Fred Flintstone. His family are all dressed up as the Flintstone family. The young boy has his wheelchair covered to look like the Flinstone vehicle.
Photo by Cindy Rands Larson

3. Cinderella

Most little girls want to dress up as princesses for Halloween and this Cinderella costume and wheelchair accessible carriage are perfect. They will love it so much that they will want to wear it all year round and who would blame them? It’s amazing and so pretty. This Cinderella wheelchair costume is also quite easy to make as it only requires fairy lights, hula hoops (for the carriage), decorations such as white tinsel, pearls, foliage, and of course the Cinderella dress.

A young girl dressed as Cinderella. Her wheelchair has been transformed into a wheelchair accessible carriage for this wheelchair Halloween costume.
Photo by Tiffany Breen

If DIY isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Disney has launched a line of adaptive costumes for wheelchair users which includes Cinderella’s Coach Wheelchair Cover Set and Cinderella Adaptive Costume. The costume features an opening at the back and a discreet flap in the front centre for easy tube access. The skirt is designed for kids who will be seated in wheelchairs.

Cinderella’s Coach Wheelchair Cover Set from Disney.
Photo by

4. Motorbike

If you want more of a tough look, then this motorbike wheelchair Halloween costume is a cool idea. This time the entire wheelchair is on display, as it’s completely part of the look. Only the chopper handles are added to the front of the wheelchair. Finish the look with some leather clothing, a head bandana, and fake tattoos.

A young girl dressed as a biker wearing leathers and a pink head bandana. The girls wheelchair has been transformed into a bike harley davidson motorbike in this creative wheelchair halloween costume.
Photo via

5. Superman

Who doesn’t love Superman? This Superman wheelchair costume will save the day if nothing else. I love how the legs sticking out at the back make it look like they are actually flying over the city skyline. Again, this one seems like it could be easy to make at home and will likely win any best costume competitions.

A young boy dressed as Superman. His wheelchair is covered with a City skyline scene. There are Superman legs and cape at the back of his wheelchair to look like he is flying. Two little boys are standing beside him dressed as Spiderman and a Lego Cowboy.

6. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

I loved E.T. as a kid and still watch it nowadays when it’s on TV. So I would have loved this Halloween costume idea growing up, and it’s super simple too, which is great. Some of the best Halloween costumes are made from things lying around the house or borrowed from friends and family. This is one of them. Put on that classic red hoodie, and you are Elliot.

A young child wearing a red hoodie. They have a basket and handle bars attached to their wheelchair to look like the scene from the movie ET for this wheelchair Halloween costume.
Photo via

7. Beetlejuice

Now, this Beetlejuice costume is a little more tricky to make than the E.T. costume, but how awesome does it look? This recreation of a scene from the movie is a brilliant idea and incredibly creative. Does anyone have a spare sofa I can borrow?

A young boy dressed as Beetlejuice creating a scene from the movie. He has transformed his wheelchair into the sofa with two characters from the movie for his wheelchair Halloween costume.
Photo by Tony Alfano

8. Drummer

Everyone loves the drummer of the band, right? Or maybe it’s because I have my own real-life drummer at home (cringe!). Or maybe you wish you were the drummer. Well, this costume is easy and super cool.

A young boy dressed as a drummer of a band. His wheelchair has turned into a drum kit for his wheelchair Halloween costume.
Photo by Becky Kimble Bailey

9. Easy Mac & Cheese

We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat” and it couldn’t be any truer in this case. This really is a fantastic wheelchair Halloween costume, as it incorporates the wheelchair perfectly. Ideal for all the mac and cheese-loving wheelchair users. It looks like it would be straightforward to make without needing too many supplies. I also love that the bowl would be easy to lift on/off whenever needed and wouldn’t require much effort.

A young boy in a wheelchair dressed up as a bowl of mac and cheese.
Photo by Costume-Work

10. Dracula

Dracula is often a popular choice for fancy dress costumes, but this Dracula wheelchair Halloween costume takes it to a whole new level. This one, in particular, features Dracula standing in the coffin. The lucky trick-or-treater in the photo below had this brilliant costume made by his mum who in fact used a reinforced dolly instead of his Dynamic Stander. But I think this would work amazing for standing wheelchairs or walkers. You can read more about this wheelchair Dracula Halloween costume if it takes your fancy.

A young boy dressed as Dracula and standing inside a coffin for his wheelchair Halloween costume.
Photo via

Hopefully, these wheelchair Halloween costume ideas have given you the inspiration to buy or make your own spooktacular costume this year.

What did you think of these Halloween costumes for wheelchair users? Which was your favourite? Have you ever transformed your wheelchair into something awesome for Halloween or a fancy dress party?

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A collection of photos of kids wearing fancy dress costumes with text "10 wheelchair halloween costumes kids will love".

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