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WheelAir®: The World’s Exciting New Wheelchair Cushion

Comfort and functionality are so important when it comes to wheelchairs, but when you add style into the mix, you’re on to a sure-fire winner. That’s exactly what Corien Staels has accomplished with her fantastic new backrest cushion designed to keep manual wheelchair users cool and comfortable.

Staels Design

The WheelAir® cushion works by helping the user regulate their body temperature through a gentle flow of cool air on their back. A battery powers the inbuilt fan which cools the body down, removing heat and moisture from the body for up to 20 hours. This prevents wheelchair users from feeling too hot or overheating and enables them to enjoy the outdoors, exercise and holidays in the sun again.

WheelAir®cooling backrest cushion staels design

The concept of WheelAir® was born when Corien was studying in Amsterdam and discovered that her lecturer who is also a wheelchair user experienced problems with regulating her body temperature. Corien knew she said wanted to do something to help. Now based in Glasgow, Corien has founded Staels Designs and created this incredibly unique cooling backrest cushion, ready to improve accessibility for manual wheelchair users.

WheelAir® launch party

I was excited to be invited along to the WheelAir® launch party where I also had the pleasure of partnering with Staels Design for the event alongside Housing Options Scotland and Double Paralympian Michael Kerr.

SimplyEmma and Corien Staels at WheelAir launch party Glasgow
Emma and Corien Staels at the WheelAir launch party Glasgow

It was great to celebrate the launch of WheelAir® with so many lovely people. There were light refreshments including cake homemade by Corien herself, which everyone was raving about. The launch party was also an opportunity to celebrate the start of the KickStarter campaign which is aiming to raise £30,000 for essential tooling to begin manufacturing WheelAir®.

What’s Next

As well as the KickStarter campaign, Staels Design was one of the biggest winners at the 10th Scottish EDGE final last week. Winning a fantastic top prize of £100,000. This will allow Staels Design to manufacture and release WheelAir® to the wider market.

If you missed the chance to try out WheelAir® at the Scottish launch party then why not head on over to one of two demo-days in England. Staels Design will be at MediCity in Nottingham on 26th June and Northumbria University in Newcastle on 27th June.

I wish Corien and Staels Design so much luck, but I don’t think she needs it. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Corien and her incredible company.

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