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Things I’ve Loved In September | #9

Just like that, September has been and gone in a blink of an eye. That could only mean Halloween, Bonfire night and the BIG C…Christmas is just around the corner. It also means that the cold weather is now upon us and I’m really not ready for that. I’m not looking forward to being frozen, wearing a million layers and heavy winter jackets so my arms can’t move. However, I want to focus on the good times and the things I’ve loved in September.


At the beginning of September Allan and I enjoyed a trip to Barcelona. We visited last year with my sister and nephew and loved it so much we wanted to go back again. This time we wanted to do things we didn’t have time to do the last time. One thing that the was same was our choice of accommodation and that was the awesome MICs Sant Jordi. These fully accessible apartments are perfect for us and were actually what we needed. I’m planning on writing about the Barcelona trip so I’ll keep it short for now. Spoiler: we ate lots of amazing vegan food like in the photo below. Can’t wait to share about our trip.

A close up of a plate with a vegan burger, salad and vegetables in Flax & Kale restaurant in Barcelona.


For the past few months, I’ve been part of a fantastic group called the #MDBloggersCrew. There are five of us in this crew and we are all bloggers with different forms of Muscular Dystrophy, hence the ‘MDBloggers’. The aim is to raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy while striving for equality and inclusion. I love being apart of the group as each one is amazingly supportive, encouraging and passionate. Not to mention hilarious. I feel like we all have so much in common and I’m super happy to call them my friends. Please check them out and follow them if you don’t already. It would also be great if you supported us by following us on Twitter @MDBloggersCrew.

A screenshot of the MDBloggersCrew Twitter page.

Scottish Caravan Break

Although my nephew couldn’t come with us to Barcelona this time, we did get to enjoy some time away with him by going to a caravan. I admit its not quite Barcelona but we had a great time at Blairgowrie holiday park. I had my Euan’s Guide Ambassador hat on for that trip and I hope to have my review of the caravan up soon. While staying at the caravan we took a trip into Dundee and Camperdown Country Park. More details coming soon.

Emma and her nephew on the decking of the caravan.

TV shows & Movies

I don’t have one specific TV show or movie that I’ve enjoyed the most this month so I thought I would give a little run down of some of the things we have been watching and enjoying this month.

TV shows:

  • Ozark is back for season 2
  • Better Call Saul season 4


  • He’s out there
  • Leave No Trace

Becoming a Mobiloo Ambassador

One of the reasons for starting my blog was to raise awareness and campaign for better accessibility and facilities for disabled people. It is always an honour when I’m asked to be involved in fantastic organisations and charities. So when Mobiloo asked me to be an ambassador I was beyond thrilled and so proud. Mobiloo is a mobile changing places toilet travelling around the UK to events, festivals etc providing disabled people with the necessary facilities to enjoy a day out with friends and family by being able to use the toilet rather than having to cut their day short or not go out at all. I’m excited to be part of the team!

A screenshot of Mobiloo Facebook page showing a post announcing Emma as a new ambassador.

Getting caught in a thunderstorm

We were enjoying a beautifully sunny and roasting hot day in Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona when the distant rumbles of thunder began. Not thinking it would come to anything, we continued to relax in the park with the birds and ducks. Then the heavens opened and a massive downpour soaked us. We quickly scrambled to take cover under a tree, but everyone in the park had the same idea. Thankfully, no one fought over a tree and we managed to find a tree big enough to keep us relatively dry. I did whip out my trusty poncho and wore it with glee.

Emma looking up at the camera smiing while wearing a clear rain poncho. She is sitting under a tree in a park in Barcelona.

Falkirk Herald Column

Each month I write a column for the Falkirk Herald and one of my favourite things is when my Mum buys a copy and brings it in for me to see it in print. For this months column, I decided to write about my recent trip to Barcelona. By recent I mean, I arrived home from Barcelona on Saturday and submitted my column on Sunday. I loved our trip to Barcelona from where we stayed at MICs Sant Jordi, to the things we did to the amazing vegan food we devoured.

Emma sitting in front of a wall covered in amazing graffiti of Parc Guell, Barcelona. Emma is wearing a zebra print shirt, blue denim jeans, her hair is tied up and wearing sunglasses.You can read the online version of the column below:
Simply Emma: Si! to Barcelona

New Music

I’ve been a fan of LÉON for a while now. Her voice is beautiful, but she is so underrated. She has new music out and I’m loving her new single Baby Don’t Talk. I’m really looking forward to her upcoming album. Hopefully she comes to the UK as I’d love to see her live.

What have you been loving in September?

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