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Things I’ve Loved in November | #11

It’s the end of November so that means only one thing. It is time for the second last instalment of the year in the ‘things I’ve loved’ 2018 series.  I’ve enjoyed doing these posts as it’s a nice way to remind myself to focus on the positive things each month, no matter how big or small. Here are some of the things I’ve loved in November.

The Enchanted Forest

It seems like ages ago, but it was only at the beginning of the month that we went to The Enchanted Forest. I was invited along to this amazing light and sound show by the lovely folks at Mobiloo. This was my first outing as a Mobiloo ambassador. I was able to take my sister and nephew along with Allan and me so it was good to share it with them. It was our first time at The Enchanted Forest and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a full on magical sensory experience that you have to experience. This was also the first year that Mobiloo, the mobile changing places toilet was at the event too. By being there, Mobiloo were allowing disabled people and their families to enjoy a day out like everyone else.

Emma sitting in front of the interactive musical lights.You can read my full review with tons of photos and video at the following link:
The Enchanted Forest 2018 | A Magical Show And Wheelchair Accessibility Review

Getting recognised

I had a hospital appointment with my Neurologist Consultant in Glasgow a few weeks ago. We checked in at the reception desk and took our seat in the waiting room. What happened next was such a surprise. A lovely man came over to us and told me he has been reading my blog. I was totally shocked! I couldn’t believe someone recognised me from my blog. He told us how helpful it has been and that he is looking into going to Barcelona with his partner who is in a wheelchair. All because of my review. AMAZING! He was super lovely and I appreciate him coming over to say hello. It really meant a lot. I’ve had emails, messages and comments from readers, but never met a reader in person. Then after my appointment, we went to IKEA for some food and bumped into a friend I haven’t seen in years. Weird, but such a nice day.

UK Blog Awards

A few months ago I received an email letting me know that I had been nominated for a UK Blog Award. Then just a few weeks ago I received another email revealing that I was shortlisted in two categories, lifestyle and travel. So exciting!

It would be amazing if you could vote for me. It only takes a few seconds and is easy peasy. All you have to do is click the links below and hit the little red heart next to my blog name (Simply Emma). I would appreciate your vote so much if you can.



UK Blog Awards 2019 vote badge


Earlier this month I went to see Sigrid at the O2 Academy Glasgow. This was my first time at this venue in a long time and I was really impressed with the access. Getting into this venue is simple and we had a reserved spot which the steward took us to straightaway. The stewards were great and really helpful, which always makes the experience better. Sigrid was brilliant and full of energy. I’m hoping to review this gig soon, so stayed tuned for that.

Birthday Celebrations

I celebrated my birthday this month. For the past three years, we have been away somewhere for my birthday. Remember last year I broke my thumb while staying at a lodge (Airhouses) and had to go to Borders General hospital? Well, this year was more low key and thankfully no broken bones. We decided to stay at home this year, but we may do another lodge break next year for my birthday. I did take a few days off work to relax over my birthday and enjoyed a trip to the cinema to see Halloween and then dinner at Wagamamas.

Emma is sitting in Wagamama with a vegan curry. She is wearing a blue and orange stripe cardigan and a black top. She is looking off to the side smiling.

Disability-related Product

I’ve just recently renewed my blue badge as it’s due to expire in a few weeks. For as long as I can remember I’ve always displayed my blue badge on the dashboard of my car. I see people bring their blue badge out of the glove compartment and display it before exiting their car. Then put it away as soon as they get back in their car. I’ve never done that. My blue badge never moves from my dash. I guess it’s just easier that way and saves the risk of forgetting to display it. So I’ve never quite understood why people hide theirs away. But then I was sent the Blue Badge protector traveller set which protects your badge and timer clock from getting stolen. So now I guess those people were probably just worried their badge would be stolen. The travellers set also includes London Blue Badge Parking Guide, Concise Blue Badge UK Road Atlas, Radar Toilet Key and Blue Badge Driver Stickers.

Blue Badge protector traveller set

Another product I’ve been using is the Life Mounts LED wheelchair lights. These cool torches are great for mounting onto my wheelchair when I’m going to be outdoors when it’s dark. They are really easy to attach onto my chair and they rotate 360 degrees so I can change the position to whatever suits the situation best. There are three modes: high, low and strobe as well as an adjustable focus with a strong light beam. I think this wheelchair torch is fantastic for safety when it’s darker especially as I’m often worried I’ll drive over uneven ground which will knock me off balance due to my poor trunk control. The Life Mounts LED wheelchair lights can also be used for walking frames, walking sticks etc. It even came in handy when my wheelchair engineer came out to fix a broken cable underneath the bottom of my chair this month. It’s a great powerful torch light. There will be a little video to follow.

Emma's powered wheelchair now has a light attached from Life Mounts.


I’ve been getting back into reading more the past few months. It has been good to get in bed a bit early most nights, get comfy and read a book or watch some Netflix. I was finding it more and more difficult to hold the book open and turn the pages because of my weak arms/hands. So my Mum got me a Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa so I could read Kindle books. I have been loving it. It is so much easier to read and takes very little effort now. I just tap the screen to turn the pages. Perfect. Now it’s not physical exercise to read a book.


Before I got my fire tablet, I managed to finish a book called ‘The wife between us’. Now I’m hopeless at describing books, but I’ll give it a go. The wife between us is a thriller about a jealous ex-wife, her ex-husband and his soon-to-be new wife. But all is not what it seems and it had me trying to guess what was happening, what their motives were and how it was going to end. I found the story gripping and was excited to read more. If you like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train then you will probably like this too. I’m also excited that the creators of The Girl on the Train have the film rights so I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing the film.

A book called 'The wife between us' laying across a laptop which has A Haunting of Hill House playing on the screen.

What have you enjoyed the most about November? Let me know in the comments below.

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