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Things I’ve loved in March | #3

Is it just me or are the months flying by? I can’t believe we’re heading into April already. 2018 needs to slow down a little. However, the month of March has been pretty good. My health has been better and we have enjoyed some great days out as well as some new discoveries. Without further ado, here are the things I’ve loved in March.


I’m always on the lookout for new music and this month I discovered a cracking new artist who is going to be huge. Lewis Capaldi is amazing and it’s pretty cool that he lives only 30 minutes away. A local(ish) boy. I heard his song Rush featuring the equally amazing Jessie Reyez while I had a music channel on in the background. As soon as I heard his raw, gritty voice I was hooked. Hopefully I can see him live sometime soon.


In last months ‘Things I’ve loved’ post I mentioned how much I love documentaries. Well, this month I was hooked on the 8-episode docu-series called Flint Town about the police department and city crisis in Flint, Michigan, one of the most violent cities in America. It’s real, gritty, brutal and tough but filmed in such a beautiful and cinematic way that makes it addictive and binge-worthy. I highly recommend watching this – must see!

Flint Town the netflix docu-series poster with police officers standing with their riot gear on.


A little controversial, but I quite enjoyed having some snow this month. By some, I actually mean lots of snow. We were snowed in, everything went to a standstill and people panicked-bought food like it was the end of the world. I loved how pretty the snow makes everything look. A real winter wonderland. I love seeing untouched snow and how it makes night time appear much brighter.

Day out

So far we have managed to enjoy at least one big day out each month with my nephew. This month we had two. The first was a visit to the cinema to see Peter Rabbit, which was a big hit with us all. The second was to Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World a place where you walk amongst the butterflies and tropical heat. There are also snakes, insects, spiders and cute little birds. You can read my review of Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World on Euan’s Guide.

Road Trip

It was good to get out and about this month after a rubbish month of illness in February. We had our trip to Aberdeen planned for a while as we were going to see Joe Bonamassa at the AECC. We were only away for one night but it was good to go on a mini road trip again. Park Inn by Radisson Aberdeen was our home for the night and turned out to be a brilliant city centre hotel. The gig was also brilliant and we had front row seats. Yas! Joe Bonamassa is talented on another level. The next day we drove to the beach, although it was too windy and cold to walk along, it was good to just look at from the warmth of the car. We did a little shopping for homeware and then a nice lunch before heading home.

Emma and Allan take a selfie in their Park Inn by Radisson Aberdeen hotel accessible room
Allan and I in our Park Inn by Radisson Aberdeen hotel accessible room after the gig.

Fun Conversation

Some of my most special and favourite moments of each day are created by my nephew. He is an incredibly charismatic, clever, funny, thoughtful little boy. It’s the best seeing him grow up to be so awesome. Although he is 4 (almost 5) he holds the best conservations. Sometimes I need to remind myself what age he is and wonder where he gets it from. One of my favourite conversations with him was on the drive home when he spotted some seagulls. He randomly told me “I wish I could be a seagull”. I was intrigued and trying not to laugh, I asked him why. He said “so I could eat all the chips. I love chips”.

Blog Post

My favourite blog post to write this month was definitely the Ask Me Anything Q&A. I put a request out on social media for any questions you would like to ask me and I was amazed by the number of questions I got. Not only that, but I absolutely loved the range of questions you asked. There were travel, dating, fashion, music, work, blogging and disability questions. A real mixed bag and I loved it. Thanks again to the people who asked the questions. I hope to do another Q&A post in future.

Things I’ve loved in March


I’m loving the brighter days, blue skies and sunny nights we’ve been having lately. The light that streams through the windows is such a welcome sight. My cat, Milo, has also been loving the sunshine and follows it around the house, basking in the beams of light for his naps. This photo was taken after one of his naps and I love it. I love the pose, his whiskers and how the light is shining on the plant behind him. Isn’t he so handsome?

Milo the cat sitting on the couch with the light shining on a cheese plant behind him.


Muscular Dystrophy makes my arms incredibly weak. They get tired and sore if I over-do it so I try my best to watch what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. I noticed that my arms were feeling weaker, sore and heavy every day. Then I worked out that it was when I was typing a lot. My PC keyboard was a few years old and the keys were getting more difficult to press. So I decided to treat myself (and arms) to a new keyboard with ultra soft keys. It is a dream to type on and I’m loving it. Here’s to lots more blogging now I’ve got my new keyboard to type on.

So there you have it, the things I’ve loved in March. I would love to hear what you have loved in March and what you are looking forward to in April?

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Emma, although I don’t contribute much, I’m always in the background reading and enjoying your posts. But when you asked what we were looking forward to it made me want to tell you that our daughters baby is due in a few days…..but she lives in Hong Kong!! We already had a holiday booked in Marbella for April when she told us she was pregnant. Mark (my husband, disabled by stroke) used to work in Hong Kong before he was disabled, and after, we both decided it would be too difficult to go back. But with a new granddaughter…….we have decided it MUST be done, so we are heading to HK in May!!!! We are REALLY looking forward to that!

  2. Hi Emma

    Have you ever tried dictating rather than typing? I’ve used dictation a few times on my iPad and iPhone. Some errors to correct but the native iPad keyboard has a reasonably good dictation feature. I’ve also used Dragon Dictate which was quite inexpensive in iOS. More accurate but a bit more complicated to use.

    My brother has essential tremor and he dictates on his iPhone quite a bit.

    I also use text abbreviation shortcuts for the text phrases that I use quite a bit on iOS. It saves a lot of keystrokes.


  3. Hi Allan, thanks for your comment. I’ve actually thought about dictating, but I haven’t looked into it properly yet. I’m loving my new keyboard at the moment, but as my disability is progressive I will probably have to use something like dictation at some point. That’s great you’ve found an effective way of typing with the abbreviation shortcuts etc. Hope you are well 🙂

  4. Hi Julie. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m thrilled to know you are reading and enjoying my posts. Wow, that really is something to be looking forward to. Congratulations on your wonderful news. Has your granddaughter been born yet? What is her name? I bet you can’t wait to visit her in HK in May. I hope the journey goes well and please let me know how you get on. Congrats again 🙂

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