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TheVeganKind Beauty Box Review | June 2019

TheVeganKind‘s Beauty Box is a bi-monthly subscription box I receive with vegan/cruelty-free make-up and skincare goodies. This is my little treat to myself and I gotta say, I’m loving it. I signed up for the 6-month subscription so this is now my third box, but I’m looking forward to it continuing and receiving the August beauty box soon.

It is a great way to discover new brands, stress-free and much cheaper. Here is my TheVeganKind beauty box review for June.

TheVeganKind Beauty Box full of six products.
Photo courtesy TheVeganKind Ltd

What’s Inside The Box?

Unboxing TheVeganKind beauty box is like opening a box of chocolates. Or opening presents on Christmas morning. You never know what you’re going to get. This box had six products that I had never heard of before and here is what they are;

Vitamasques Rose Gold Dust Sheet Mask (RRP £5.99)

I’ve become a big fan of sheet masks over the years. They are my go-to when I feel like a little pampering. From the Korean beauty brand, Vitamasques, this moisturising Rose Gold Dust Sheet Mask is super thin and super heavenly on the skin. It is even infused with real gold leaf which is pretty niffy. Not to mention pretty on the skin too when the mask is removed and the light hits the skin. Gold shimmer? Yes, please! Honestly, this sheet mask feels like a second skin. It fits so well. Although I’m unable to put it on myself, it was easy for Allan to position the mask on my face. With anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it’s perfect for dry or sensitive skin types as it helps moisturise and reduce redness.

Vitamasques Rose Gold Dust Sheet Mask placed on the grass.

Laponie of Scandinavia Toner Spray (RRP £24)

I’ve tried different toners in the past, but never really find one I liked or was strict enough to make toner part of my skincare routine. Although I know it’s an important step. This luxury Toner Spray from Laponie of Scandinavia is a great multi-tasking product. It’s been great as it helps balance, hydrate and soothe the skin with its ectoin, smoothing sea kelp and calming liquorice root. The toner can be used after cleansing (before oils and creams), as a make-up setting spray or as a quick pick-me-up throughout the day. It’s already become a favourite in my skincare routine.

Laponie of Scandinavia Toner Spray placed on the grass.

Derma V10 Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Treatment (RRP £1)

One of the perks of being unable to walk is having baby smooth feet. Dry, rough and cracked heels are not something I have experienced. However, this tea tree and peppermint foot treatment is perfect for that but also simply for a cheap and cheerful pamper sesh. From Derma V10 and infused with Vitamin E, this moisturising foot pack is ideal for this time of year when the sun is out and our feet are out more often. I haven’t tried this yet, but I will be giving it a go soon.

Derma V10 Tea Tree & Peppermint Foot Treatment placed on the grass.

Kierin NYC Eau de Parfum in Sunday Brunch (deluxe sample, full size retails for £65)

I’ve been keen to try new vegan perfumes so I was excited to see this luxury Kierin NYC Eau de Parfum in this beauty box. The full size retails for £65 but having this deluxe travel-size spray is perfect as I’ve been able to try it out without parting with a lot of money. I’m loving the uplifting summer fragrance with key notes of Italian Bergamot, Lemo, Earl Grey Tea and Jasmine. I’m a fan and will consider buying the full-size in the future.

Kierin NYC Eau de Parfum in Sunday Brunch held in the palm of a hand.

Creightons Professional BAMbeautiful Conditioning Masque (RRP £4.95)

If you love a good hair treatment then BAM beautiful Conditioning Masque may be one for you. From British brand, Creightons Professional, this conditioning masque has been formulated for thinning hair and packed with natural, vegan-friendly goodness like Bamboo and organic Pea Sprout. These ingredients help promote fuller and thicker hair. Personally, I didn’t think this product would be for me as I don’t have thin hair, so haven’t actually used it, but I will give it a try anyway. I do love a good hair treatment myself.

Creightons Professional BAMbeautiful Conditioning Masque placed on the grass.

Seren London HD Cheek Rouge (RRP £3.99)

I’m not usually a blush fan, but I’ve got to say I’ve been enjoying this Cheek Rouge from Seren London. It’s a multi-purpose product that can be used as a highlighter and bronzer, which is what I have been using it for. I like to contour my cheeks a little with this and have even used it as an eyeshadow when I don’t want much fuss. This Cheek Rouge is a pretty rosy pink with a little shimmer too so it’s nice for the summer. For £3.99 it’s a great affordable cruelty-free product.

Seren London HD Cheek Rouge placed on the grass.

TheVeganKind Beauty Box Review | June 2019

The total value of products in TheVeganKind beauty box June edition adds up to over £39. I spent £14.95 per box, so I’d say that’s a pretty good saving. I’ve loved trying all six products and will likely repurchase Vitamasques Rose Gold Dust Sheet Mask, Laponie of Scandinavia Toner Spray, Kierin NYC perfume and the Seren London HD Cheek Rouge.

20p from every box sold is donated to Animal Free Research UK, which is a charity working on ways to replace animal product testing. TheVeganKind also has lifestyle boxes with vegan food, drinks, treats and a lifestyle product.


TheVeganKind Beauty Box Review

Are you interested in subscription boxes? Do you have a subscription box?

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