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The Technology Changing Disability Travel

Today we have a guest blog from Tim’s Trims who are a premier auto, truck, and van restyler in Rochester and Western New York, selling and customising vehicles, as well as modifying them for people with disabilities.

In the past, resources for travelling with a disability haven’t been widely available or commonly known. However, look at some of the technology that is changing disability travel and making it more accessible for everyone.


There are various websites that help travellers with disabilities. One site that people love is Brettapproved, a site designed so that people who have a physical disability or mobility challenge can travel with more confidence. People in the group communicate and share anything relevant to the destination. The site shares hotel and restaurant photos so users can see the parking, elevators/lifts, bathroom accommodations, restroom access, and public spaces. When travelling, people with disabilities can’t simply book the trip and go. There is a lot of extra planning involved, and Brettapproved knocks a few of the challenges associated with travel off the list.


There are apps for everything you could need nowadays and disability travel is no exception. People with disabilities want to live as independently as possible, and apps are an invaluable aid to achieving this. One of the top apps is Autour, an app that was developed in Montreal to help blind individuals navigate cities. It’s free and available on iPhones and provides users with audio information on places of interest, such as clothing stores and restaurants. When users near their destination, the name is stated so the user has a sense of distance and direction. This tool is great for visually impaired travellers who want to discover new places and really anyone who wants more audio details on where they are visiting.

Speciality Vans

Vans for people with disabilities have revolutionized the way people travel, whether it’s down the road or across the country. Technology gives those who are disabled more freedom to travel in style. These vans often use lift technology to help individuals in wheelchairs enter and exit the vehicle. There are countless vans for people with disabilities available today – many offer luxury features and come customized with different options.

Induction Loop Systems

A company called Hearing Loop Systems designs and installs induction loop systems to help people with cochlear implants and t-coil equipped hearing aids hear more clearly in noisy environments – specifically in crowded and loud airport terminals. These systems are new and only in select airports today, but many airports are including the addition of these systems in their renovation plans. Travellers suffering from hearing loss face challenges; the noise and the airport is a daunting environment. Technology can make a huge difference in the way people with hearing loss experience travel.

When people with disabilities travel, they usually have specific accessibility needs. From their modes of transportation to their destinations and accommodations, all components of the trip must meet their individual needs. With over a billion people globally living with a disability of some form, it’s time to ensure that travellers with extra needs have accessible and seamless experiences. Thankfully, technology is reducing the barriers people with disabilities face every day so these individuals can lead more normal lives.

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