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Slowing Down To Smell The Flowers

July has been a slower month for us. Not through choice, but more necessity. Crappy health issues from June lingered their way into July and consequently, the exciting plans we had planned for this month had to be put on hold. So I thought I’d do things a little different for this months ‘Things I’ve Loved In July’ post and share with you a fun, relaxing day I had with my family.

One of our plans was a trip to beautiful Wales. Fortunately, we are able to take our trip to Wales in the next few months, which is really exciting. I’ve only ever been to Newport in Wales and even at that, it was a quick overnight stay and away again. We have always been keen to explore more of Wales so we’re really looking forward to doing that soon.

Emma smiling at the camera while sitting on a blue bridge with water streaming underneath.

July wasn’t all sickness, broken plans and grey skies. We managed to sneak in some quality time with our families, especially our nephew who is always full of fun and energy. It has been great to see him more often due to the school summer holidays.

I always appreciate the simple things in life, but it isn’t until poor health forces me to slow down that I realise it more. We don’t always have to be jetting off or taking a road trip to somewhere new to have great times.

Emma is sitting in her wheelchair at the bottom of her wheelchair accessible vehicle while her nephew is securing belts onto her wheelchair.

Some of my happiest memories have been at home with my family or jumping in my wheelchair accessible vehicle and visiting somewhere local. My nephew loves being in our car and especially enjoys being able to help with the ramp and putting the belts on my wheelchair. He is a great little helper.

Emma rolling along the path in the park with her sister walking beside her. There is a large tree beside them. Emma and her nephew talking in the park.

We recently enjoyed a day out at our local park on a beautiful sunny day. The kind of day that is perfect to spend at the park relaxing. It was also the best way to spend one of my first days out of the house after being cooped up for so long resting and recovering.

I even had my first-ever Subway meal. Yeah, you read that correctly. I had never had a Subway until just recently. There are a few vegan options, but I went for the vegan wrap and it was really good.

Emma having a picnic in the park. She is using her wheelchair tray table.

We sat and ate our lunch in the park and I used my wheelchair tray table. It was great apart from when it almost got blown away!

Emma having a picnic in the park. She is using her wheelchair tray table.

At the risk of sounding completely biased, I absolutely love my local park. It’s nice in any season, but in summer, it’s stunning. Hundreds of lush green trees and pretty flowers are everywhere you look.

Allan and Toby the dog lying on the grass next to wildflowers. Emma sitting next to wildflowers. Emma is slightly out of focus while the flowers are the focal point of the photo.

The newest additions to the park are the most gorgeous wildflowers and poppies. This is the first year we’ve had them in the park so they are catching everyone’s attention and rightly so. Not only are they stunning, but they are amazing for wildlife. The bees and butterflies are loving it.

The paths around the park are smooth for my wheelchair so it’s nice for rolling around. It was good to sit in the sun and enjoy our picnic before getting some drinks and ice lollies from the kiosk.

Emma in the park with her nephew who is on his scooter.

There are big plans for the park to undergo a regeneration overhaul and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the plans come together. One of the main aims of the park’s regeneration project is to make it more inclusive and disabled-friendly.

An inclusive play park and new accessible toilets are just a few things they will be installing. They will also be transforming the old empty boating pond into a wildlife habitat to increase biodiversity. I cannot wait!

Well, that’s my little update. I hope you enjoyed it. Please free feel to share what you’ve enjoyed this month or a fun day you’ve had. I’d love to read about it.

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5 Responses

  1. Sorry you’ve not been 100%. I’m right with you on stopping to enjoy the flowers! And what lovely flowers you’ve managed to capture.
    Love the pictures of your nephew helping load you into the car.
    We’ve been on two picnics this month. One of those happened to be on the day when it hit almost 40 degrees in London (and we were in Regents Park too..)
    We have another picnic planned for August when I’m taking my little sister to Kew Gardens for her birthday present from me.
    I always love your posts and your pictures.
    Keep up the great blog.

  2. That was a lovely post about your park trip my partner and I often do the same thing,it’s really therapeutic.hope you enjoy Kew.

    1. Thank you, Michael! I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. That is lovely that you and your partner also enjoy going to your local park and relaxing. It’s the best and I agree….very therapeutic. 🙂

  3. English wildflowers are sooo divine 🥰 you are lucky to have such local beauty . Your tray table looks ideal – I find them so handy .
    I do hope you’re feeling better now and look forward to hearing about Wales .
    Leanne 😘

  4. Hi Emma
    I am sorry to read that you have not been well and hope that by now you are feeling better.Your parks are really pretty and lush and and the wild flowers are simply splendid. It’s nice to see that the parks are dog friendly as well.
    July month for me was a month of recovery.Strictly speaking, for me every month is a month that I try to recover more strength and mobility but July was a little different. At the beginning of June I fell. This is not unusual for me as my balance is severely impaired so I fall often. Ever the optimist I will keep trying to improve my walking but sadly I will no doubt continue to fall.
    Granted this fall was more painful than in the past but I thought it didn’t necessitate a visit to the doctor. Ten days later my ankle still looked like it had contracted mumps so I went to have it x-rayed. Lordy Lordy the sad thing was broken. I probably did more damage to it trying to hobble around so pins and plates were inserted to “stick” the bones together. Then I became a space walker and was fitted with my very own moon boot. This walking boot has helped to keep my foot stable so the calf bone can heal. What an amazing invention to replace plaster of paris.
    So July was less active than normal as I was not allowed to continue with biokinetic therapy. It just meant that more time was spent in the wheelchair. Sad but not bad. This way I have been more exposed to the needs of wheelchair bound people and am thinking of starting a blog of my own. I have done reviews on two of the restaurants I visited and one on our local animal pound and rescue organisation. I was at a night market last night and am still working on something. I would like to set my blog up like yours – a blog covering topics of interest that fall under different categories. May I copy your setup and what do you think? Your blog is super great.

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