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Daily Living aids can make a big difference and there are many reasons why they help in both the home or garden. Here we’ll take a look at a few of those reasons.

These aids are particularly handy for the elderly, or for those with any kind of disability as they make those everyday activities easier and so add to the enjoyment of life and increased self-esteem.

We all have those little tasks around the home that, for whatever reason, we find a challenge – it could be something as simple as turning a water tap on or off or loosening a cap or lid off a jar or bottle.

"4 Reasons We Need Daily Living Aids for any kind of disability" with a image of  A person's hand holding a knife and cutting vegetables on the Swedish Fix It Food Preparation Board.

Daily Living Aids help us to carry out these mundane activities in the home or garden, or even when we are holidaying or travelling abroad.

In recent times, materials and designs have become lighter and more compact, so that the use and the storage of most daily living aids are easier.

They have also improved on the sturdiness of many of the tools and aids available, so they give longer and more reliable performance.

Here are a few of the typical daily living aids that are available which cover quite a wide range of uses and applications around the home or the garden.

Folding 2-Step Stool

A product that makes a big difference, and life easier, is a Folding 2-Step Stool. This stool helps with reaching for higher areas in the home, or even outdoors or in the garage, both easier and safer.

The 2-Step Stool has also been designed to reduce the effort needed when stepping into a car, bath or doorway. For highest levels of safety, the 2-Step Stool has non-slip grips and both steps have a large platform.

A grey 2-step stool positioned in a kitchen. A womans legs are placed on the first step.

It provides maximum stability while using it and the carry handle makes it easy to move around. 

It makes this versatile Step Stool highly portable whilst it’s compact folded size makes it easy to store.

Reading Sheet Magnifier

The Reading Sheet Magnifier is a great help to those who find reading difficult. The design is lightweight and features a ‘soft-touch’ frame to allow for easy positioning and comfort.

This simple aid makes a big difference to those who struggle sometimes to read the small print on jars or bottles, as well as pages on books and newspapers.

Reading Sheet Magnifier placed over a newspaper. A person is holding the magnifier in their hands.Extremely easy to use, you simply place the Reading Sheet Magnifier over the small text you’re trying to read e.g. small print or maps and the 2x magnification will allow you to read the text without having to move your hand along the text.

When not in use, the magnifier is compact enough so you can easily store away, keeping it handy for next time you need it. A great little aid that the whole family will use to magnify things they need to be able to read.

Food Preparation Board

Sometimes, there are areas in your home where you feel like a balance aid would really help give you security and confidence.

This may be in your bathroom, or in areas like utility rooms or even for outdoor areas where you’re having to change levels or bending down to reach items.

A person's hand holding a knife and cutting vegetables on the Swedish Fix It Food Preparation Board The Swedish Fix It Food Preparation Board makes all the difference in the kitchen, and especially when it comes to making meal preparation easier.

The board comes with four non-slip rubber feet to prevent it from moving. Suction pads are also provided for use on wet surfaces.

Economical Multi Opener

It can sometimes be difficult to open cans and jars, and that applies to everybody. One simple tool that can make a huge difference is the Economical Multi Opener. This innovative and low-cost device combines the easy opening of aluminium can tabs, as well as twist resealable and pressure sealed bottle caps.

It’s very frustrating not being able to open a can, bottle or jar, and can put off even the most determined cook when faced with uncooperative lids in the way of your culinary creations.

Three images showing how the daily living aid, Economical Multi Opener being used to open cans and bottles.The multi opener makes getting the tops off your ingredients and sauces much easier.

There are many reasons why people from all walks of life and with variable degrees of mobility may require daily living aids. We hope we’ve covered some of the products that can help these above.

Phil Ashforth is a staff writer for Mobility Smart, an online retailer of health, wellbeing and mobility equipment to help you recover from injury, recuperation and protection of joints and muscles when exercising or just
helping you in normal daily life, you’ll find their website here.

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