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RealSAM Smart Speaker Review: Accessible Entertainment Hub | AD

AD This is a sponsored post but as always, all views are my own.

What is RealSAM Smart Speaker?

RealSAM comes from the company that developed ‘In Your Pocket’ a fully voice-controlled accessible mobile phone for people with sight loss. Now they have brought the RealSAM Smart Speaker to the market, which is the first fully voice-controlled media player tool.

A view looking down at Emma's hands. One hand is holding the Google Nest Mini speaker and the other hand is holding her mobile and on the screen is the RealSAM website. The background is multicoloured.

How much is a subscription to the RealSAM speaker?

The RealSAM Smart Speaker is a subscription service that includes access to the technology only. Therefore you will need a Google Home product or Amazon Alexa of your own to access all the content.

A subscription to the RealSAM speaker is normally £9.95 per month for new customers. But a one-off fee of £19.90 will get you a 1 year subscription.

How to access the RealSAM Smart Speaker

I received a Google Nest Mini to access RealSAM and was happy with the easy setup process for the speaker. Within minutes I was asking Google to play my favourite songs on Spotify.

However, I did have a few teething issues getting RealSAM to connect to my Google speaker initially, but I’ve been assured this is not the norm. It should be as straightforward as saying “Hey Google, talk to RealSAM” and saying your access code which you will be given. And hey presto you’ll be set up.

Despite the slight tech issue, I have to admit the ‘In your pocket’ team were great and super helpful in getting me connected.

By saying “Hey Google, talk to RealSam.” you are taken into the RealSAM technology where you will hear a welcome message. It’s recommended to say “user guide” at this point for more information on how to navigate your way around.

Google Nest Mini Speaker sitting on a wooden shelving unit with a plant in a white pot underneath.
Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

What can you use the RealSAM Smart Speaker for?

You may be thinking “RealSAM sounds just like a Google speaker, what’s different?”. Well, that is understandable as I initially thought the same. But RealSAM Smart Speaker provides content in an accessible format via one platform which would otherwise require multiple devices and apps to meet your needs. The RealSAM Smart Speaker will give you access to the following content and resources:

  • Audiobooks
  • Newspapers
  • Podcasts
  • Radio stations
  • UK sight loss charities

The smart speaker only launched in early March so more new features will continue to be added, which is exciting.

There is a bunch of helpful information available from the leading UK sight loss charities such as Henshaws, Galloways, Blind Veterans UK and Torch Trust.

RealSAM is encouraging more UK disability charities to get in touch to discuss how their content could also be made available to a wider audience within the smart speaker through the content partner programme.

My Experience using RealSAM Smart Speaker

I must admit I’ve never owned a Google speaker until now. I always knew having one would be really helpful not just for day to day things, but accessibility-wise it would make life a little easier for me like controlling lights, the TV, heating etc. It’s amazing what you can do with Google speakers.

Emma, a white woman with dark shoulder length hair is sitting in her power wheelchair at a desk. She is working on her laptop in her living room. There are plants in the background.

I love books but find holding a book difficult and often struggle to find the time to use my Kindle so I’ve been keen to try audiobooks. That way I can listen while doing other things. So the Calibre audio library has been great for this. I just ask for ‘Calibre’ and after the initial login, it gives me the list and I make my selection. Calibre has over 12,000 audiobooks to choose from including over 3,000 children’s audiobooks.

Podcasts are another feature I’ve been enjoying and it’s perfect for when I’m working. You can say ‘list podcasts’ to browse what’s available or if you have something in mind you could say something like “find me a podcast about space” for example. Personally, I’ve been listening to podcasts about crime. My inner detective is loving them.

Listening to Simply Emma Blog Posts

You will soon be able to listen to my blog posts on the RealSAM Smart Speaker. How cool is that? All you will have to do is ask RealSAM to “tell me more about Simply Emma.”. I will keep you updated when this is available.

Final thoughts

Utilising the latest in AI technology, the new RealSAM Smart Speaker is designed to improve the independence of people with visual impairments and sight loss. Although I have a physical disability rather than a visual impairment, I can appreciate how useful this smart speaker information hub with its accessible features and content can be for disabled people. I’m looking forward to discovering more content as it becomes available.

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