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Old Fruitmarket Glasgow Wheelchair Access Review | Kip Moore

This Old Fruitmarket review is based on my second visit to the venue for a gig. You may remember that I didn’t have a positive experience the first time I visited the Old Fruitmarket a few months earlier, but things have improved the second time around, and I’m excited to share my review of the Old Fruitmarket Glasgow wheelchair access.

An exterior shot of the Old Fruitmarket/City Halls Glasgow building.

Before I get into this review, you may want to get the lowdown, if you haven’t already, on my first experience attending a show at The Old Fruitmarket.

Kip Moore at The Old Fruitmarket Glasgow | Wheelchair Access Review

We’d seen Kip Moore live three times before, so when he returned to Glasgow, we knew it was a show not to be missed. Kip Moore has a connection to Scotland thanks to his father and grandfather, both of whom loved Scotland and visited frequently. It’s great to hear Kip tell these stories because it gives you a sense of who he is as a person. Develops a connection with him that extends beyond the music.

Booking tickets

Booking accessible tickets for the Old Fruitmarket has been easy both times. All I had to do was call the box office on 0141 353 8000 and a very helpful staff member booked us in.

The last time we went to this venue it was a standing show so we were in the accessible area on the balcony at the back of the room.

This time, it was a seated show as Kip was putting on an intimate acoustic gig, so accessible seats were on the ground floor level near the stage. Or that’s what we were led to believe.

Kip Moore wheelchair accessible gig ticket for Old Fruitmarket.

Within a few minutes, we had our tickets booked which included one free PA/carer ticket. There never used to be an accessibility section on their website, or at least it wasn’t easy to find. There is now an accessibility information section at the very bottom of the page under ‘Venue Access Information‘.

Disabled Parking at Old Fruitmarket

Just like the last time, we decided to park on Ingram street. From there it’s only a two-minute walk/roll to the venue. There is also an NCP on Ingram Street and that is right at the venue. You can’t miss this car park because it has a massive and incredible street art mural on the wall.

Street art mural in Glasgow outside The Old Fruitmarket and City Halls.
Google street view of NCP Ingram Street

Venue Access at Old Fruitmarket

We entered the Old Fruitmarket from Candleriggs, which had flat pavements, as you can see in the photo below. It can get a bit busy at the end of the night, so it may be worth keeping this in mind when leaving the venue.

View of Candleriggs
Google street view of Candleriggs

There was a bit of a queue when we arrived, but we managed to enter the venue pretty easily. A staff member checked our tickets and then guided us into the main hall.

The entrance showing three doors into the City Halls/Old Fruitmarket.
Entrance into City Halls/Old Fruitmarket via Candleriggs

It was the same staff member as the last time and she was lovely. We didn’t have to go in any lifts, as it was all level access, through a few sets of doors which the woman held open as I went through.

She explained there was a change to our seats. Of course, we thought it was going to be bad. In fact, it turned out to be much better. We were now going to be seated in the front row. Amazing!

View of Kip Moore on stage at the Old Fruitmarket from the front row.

Apparently, they heard that Kip Moore fans can get quite wild, so they didn’t want to risk putting disabled customers in the original accessible seats a few rows back in case people stood up and blocked our view.

It’s great when venues think ahead and consider their disabled customers. So now we were sitting in the front row with a perfect view of the stage. This was going to be an incredible gig.

Accessible Toilet at Old Fruitmarket

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to grab a photo of the accessible toilet. Although it is located near the accessible seating area. There are several reviews on Euan’s Guide about The Old Fruitmarket and City Halls which you can check out here.

Accessible toilet in The Old Fruitmarket Glasgow.

One of the reviewers who attended a disability alliance meeting at The Old Fruitmarket mentioned that the accessible toilet had a bi-folding door, which was great for saving space. He also mentioned it was clean and tidy. Above is the photo he took of the accessible toilet. The next time I go to this venue, I will try to get some photos of the accessible toilet too.

Kip Moore

Well, what can I say about Mr Kip Moore? Honestly, he is an incredible American country music singer-songwriter. Just give him a wee listen and I’m sure you will agree.

Supporting Kip was the lovely Jillian Jacqueline, who has played in the UK before at the likes of C2C and Country Music Week. She is the type of artist who has a mesmerising kind of effect on you as you watch and listen to her perform.

Jillian Jacqueline on stage at The Old Fruitmarket Glasgow.

In the past, he has treated his UK fans to a full band setup. It can get loud. Very loud at Kip Moore gigs. He really knows how to get a crowd going. Every show is full of energy, electric guitars, and drums.

This time around, Kip wanted to do something a little different. A stripped-back acoustic set took him back to his roots when he was performing in small bars. The ‘Room To Spare’ acoustic tour had already been a big success in America, so it was time to sit down and get intimate with his UK fans. It was just what we wanted.

Kip Moore on stage playing his guitar at The Old Fruitmarket Glasgow. Kip Moore on stage playing his guitar at The Old Fruitmarket Glasgow.

There was no big entrance or opener, Kip just casually walked on stage to his devoted Glaswegian fans. He sat on his stool, poured himself some wine and picked up his acoustic guitar.

Kip Moore on stage with his band under blue lights at The Old Fruitmarket Glasgow.

Kip performed about five songs solo, including ‘Running For You’, ‘Wild Ones’, ‘Crazy One More Time’. With no one else on stage to back him up, Kip really shone and showed everyone what he is all about it. Pure and utter raw talent.

His band was then welcomed on stage and began with ‘Magic’. This track was originally quite electric-driven, but since it was an acoustic set, they changed it up and gave it a different vibe. It was great! Each song was stripped back with new arrangements and performed differently. They were powerful and performed with such emotion and heart.

Kip Moore on stage playing his guitar at The Old Fruitmarket Glasgow.Kip Moore standing at the front of the stage at the end of the show. He is drinking wine from the bottle.

Two hours later, we were still going, and Kip wasn’t finished yet. He returned to the stage after his encore with more tracks, including ‘Guitar Man’ and ‘Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck’.

Kip Moore is a really genuine guy with a ton of heart. He broke down a lot of his songs, telling us the stories and emotions behind them, as well as the heartbreaking story about his late Dad’s health issues.

Kip Moore is a true gentleman and an incredible musician. You will go on a journey at his shows, leave in awe and completely get your money’s worth.

Final Thoughts on Old Fruitmarket

My experience at The Old Fruitmarket was so much better this time around. We loved being seated in the front row with the best view of Kip Moore on stage. I’m glad I didn’t let our first experience at this venue put me off going to this gig. General wheelchair accessibility is good from entering the venue to accessing the main hall and the staff. All in all, a brilliant night.

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  1. Hi Emma
    Tom here again…still seem to be waiting for your feedback re my enquiry of the scooter ban in Barcelona, Benidorm and Madrid. Any news?
    I had a real difficult experience on booking accessible tix for Francis Dunnery at St Lukes venue, finally got that sorted but think the venue may be a nightmare on the gig.
    Meanwhile I checked out your man Kip….not for me but expect you will enjoy this……


  2. This is what a lot abled-bodied people tell me they think happens to wheelchair users: ‘I bet you get some great views, front row, blah blah…’

    I’m glad it happened this time!

    Your venue reviews are always noted Emma. Thanks, Declan.

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