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Meet Our Tuxedo Kittens | Arlo & Willow

It is our absolute pleasure to introduce the new additions to the family. Meet Arlo and Willow. They are the most adorable tuxedo kittens and we are the proudest cat parents. Even though they’ve only been with us for a few short months, we are completely smitten with our kittens.

Two black and white (tuxedo kittens) sitting upright on a sofa. They are both looking at the camera. The sofa is light grey and the walls are white. There is a dark grey cushion and a peach colour cushion.

Meet the Family: An Introduction to Our Tuxedo Kittens

As many of you will remember, we lost our beautiful boy Milo a few days before Christmas in 2018. We were utterly heartbroken with the suddenness of it all. We couldn’t imagine our home or life without him.

We also couldn’t imagine our life without loving another animal again. But we also couldn’t imagine bringing another cat into our home so soon after Milo. It was too painful.

Whether it was in one, two or five years time, we knew we wanted to rescue another cat at some point. We had two much love to give.

Two black and white (tuxedo kittens) sitting on a low shelf with a shelf above them which has a wooden cat shape box containing the ashes of Milo (Emma's first cat) as well as a framed photo of Milo. The kittens are tiny and fit in the box shelf perfectly. Below them is a pink and grey cat bed.
Arlo and Willow sitting on the shelf with a framed photo and ashes of Milo above them.

Fast forward 18 months and we began to speak seriously about another cat. Then COVID-19 happened and many rescue centres weren’t operating.

There was no rush, so we decided to keep looking and when it was time, it would happen.

Then one day out of the blue, a friend contacted us to let us know of kittens looking for an urgent forever home. We couldn’t say no.

May the force be with them

Arlo and Willow were born on 4th May 2020 along with two other siblings in their litter.

Our girls were very young, eight weeks old when they came home with us, but they made up for their tiny size with their big personalities and characters. It didn’t take them long to come out of their shells.

Two tiny black and white tuxedo kittens laying next to mens shoes. The kittens are smaller than the shoes. They are both falling asleep.

Double the cuteness, but double the trouble!

Two black and white tuxedo kittens playing in the livingroom. There are cat toys laying on the floor and there is a pink an grey cat bed.

A funny, but slightly embarrassing moment happened when Allan took them for their first vaccinations at the vet. From day one we were told that our kittens were two boys. We thought it was cute we had two little brothers and we were bracing ourselves for constant boisterous play fighting between them.

However, upon examination, the vet quickly informed us they were in fact girls.

Two black and white tuxedo kittens sleeping together on the floor next to their cat. toys.We wanted to continue the four letter name ending in O to be like their big brother Milo. So we originally had Arlo and Otto, but we didn’t think Otto was a good name for a girl so we had to come up with a new name.

We slightly broke the rules and picked Willow. I love Willow trees and she loves to climb so we felt it was perfect for her.

Introducing Arlo

Arlo is our tuxedo kitten with the most white fur and whiskers. It was the only way we could properly tell them apart in the beginning. Now we know who is who even when their backs are turned from us.

A tiny eight week old tuxedo kitten laying on a fluffy rug with her front paws crossed. Big bright eyes looking straight at the camera. She is laying under a wheelchair as the wheels are just in shot. The second black and white kitten is laying at the side of one of the wheels. Tiny Tuxedo kitten sitting under the foot plates of my wheelchair. She is so tiny that the wheelchair looks huge. I am wearing fluffy slippers. Arlo has the cutest white whiskers above her green eyes and the side of the mouth. She also has thicker fur with two white back legs and two white front paws.

She appears shy and timid, but is in actual fact brave, confident and has incredible hunt instincts.

Black and white kitten Arlo is laying on her back looking up at the camera while laying inside her cat tunnel.Black and white kitten Arlo is laying on a fluffy rug holding a purple fluffy feather in her paw up to her mouth.Her favourite toys are wands with feathers on the end. She will chase and jump all over the place for them. You should see her in action.

Arlo loves to sleep either cuddled with Willow, in her tunnel, under my wheelchair or on their cat tree.

Arlo laying inside her grey cat tunnel. She is looking straight into the camera. Tuxedo kitten Arlo laying under wheelchair with her legs sticking out at the front.

Arlo has a few nicknames including

  • Bootsit looks like she is wearing white boots
  • Silence assassindon’t be fooled by her timid exterior, she is the bravest and most confident compared to her sister.

Introducing Willow

Willow is our tuxedo kitten with the most black fur and whiskers. Willow has a quirky look as she only had two white whiskers above one eye and all black on the other eye. The two white whiskers soon became one when she lost one, we assume when she was playing with Arlo (the playing can be rough at times). She now has lost both white whiskers.

Tuxedo kitten Willow sitting on the sofa next to eye glasses and a computer mouse which shows how small she is.Tiny tuxedo kitten sitting on a slipper boot.At first, Willow came across as the most dominant of the two, but we soon noticed that although she is the most cuddly and first to jump in and play, she is actually the one who is warier of new noises and situations etc.

Emma sitting in her wheelchair. She is wearing a stripey shirt. She has one of her tuxedo kittens sleeping on her lap.Willow is incredibly gentle, loves to cuddle up beside us and fall asleep. She is the sweetest little thing.

Her favourite toys are laces that she can chase, crinkle balls and feather toys. She loves the hunt.

Black and white kitten laying on the back in a pink and grey circle shaped cat bed.Black and white tuxedo cat laying on the sofa next to a brown sloth cushion. Two tuxedo cats laying next to each other on the top level of a cat tree.Willow loves to sleep on the sofa next to the sloth pillow, cuddled up with Arlo, in her cat bed or on their cat tree. Sometimes she will jump on Arlo, wrestle her until she gets fed up and steals her spot on the cat tree.

Willow has a few nicknames including

  • Wills – short for Willow
  • Twowe used to call her Two because of her two white whiskers

Two tuxedo cats laying on a rug next to a huge cat scratching post. They are both playing together.

Tuxedo Cat Adventures with Arlo & Willow – The Tuxie Sisters

2020 hasn’t been a great year for the world, but Arlo and Willow have really made it special for us. We’ve loved nothing more than having them and spoiling them. It is adorable watching them interact with each other. They are great sisters and love each other so much.

Two tuxedo cats playing together with a yellow ribbon toy.They are a special pair and who knew tuxedo cats were so awesome! Just look at them – ADORABLE!

Arlo and Willow have their own Instagram account that you can follow at TheTuxieSisters – please check it out and follow them for all their cat-antics, cuteness and some Tuxie-tude’.

Want more proof that tuxedo cats are the best? Here are 8 Pawsitively Fascinating Facts About Tuxedo Cats.

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Two images of tuxedo kittens with pink text box with the words "Meet our Tuxedo kittens, Arlo and Willow".

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16 Responses

    1. Thank you so much Georgina! They have brought so much joy and happiness already…oh and lots of chaos too! Haha. I hope you are well 🙂

  1. Wow Emma, they’re just the cutest!
    I have 2 brothers that I collected from the RSPCA 14 years ago.
    Your pics brought back such memories when they were kittens. I live alone and can’t imagine my life and the bungalow without them!
    Is it easy to follow them on Instagram? I’ve never used it before but if it’s straightforward then I could cope!

    Enjoy your gorgeous kittens, lucky you!

    Laura x

    1. Thank you so much, Laura! That’s lovely you have two cats too. Cats are the best, aren’t they? I can’ get over how fast they grow! One minute they’re tiny, the next they are fully grown! You are right, they are great company and make a home feel complete 🙂 I think you may need an Instagram account to follow them, but if you click the link you may be able to see their photos. I hope it works for you! What are your cat’s names? 🙂 Thanks again and take care x

      1. Names are Chico and Henry.
        You’re right – they grow SO quickly. I was thinking back to when they were kittens after reading your post, they were probably as big as their heads are now!
        I’ll try and get into Instagram and enter the 21st century!
        Laura x

        1. Ah what lovely names, Laura! Yes, in such a short space of time, they’ve grown so much. I wish they stayed small for a little while longer 🙂 I really hope you can join us over on Instagram – it would be great for you to follow their adventures 🙂 x

  2. Oh my – cuteness overload! They are gorgeous and so much nicer to have two as they will provide hours of amusement… and entertainment!

    I have a black and white cat, got him from a cat rescue. He’s called Frank! About 9/10 years old. He’s quite timid and a wild boy. Loves being outside most of the time and a bit of a…. killer cat 🙁

    1. Hi Simone. Thank you so much. Oh yes, absolutely – it’s so much nicer having two cats. We feel they are much more content and happy together. I think I would always recommend two cats if possible. Ah that’s lovely you have a black and white cat too. Frank sounds like an adventurer 🙂

  3. They are so cute, Emma! I’m so happy you are giving them such a loving home and they are sharing their cuteness with you.

    1. Thank you so much, Nina. We are loving every moment with them even when they are zooming around the house causing chaos haha. Do you have any pets?

  4. Hi Emma,
    Lots of fun & games with your two beautiful kittens!!! I love their names too & I’m sure you will share more of their antics with us in future updates.
    I’m a great believer that “things” happen for a reason, Arlo & Willow will be great company & entertainment during these uncertain times.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment Chris – I appreciate that 🙂 Oh yes, lots of fun and games with these two. They are always up to something and there will be plenty more updates to come. I hope you and your family are all keeping well during these times. Take care 🙂

  5. How cute! I got a little kitten named Lily a few months ago and she looks exactly like Arlo and Willow. Do you know what breed they are?

    1. Hi Monica, our cats are ‘Tuxedo cats’ 🙂 Hope your kitten Lily is doing well. They are the best aren’t they?

  6. omg they’re the cutest little kittens I had a cat named Stanley but sadly he passed away a couple years ago he looks just like them

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ettalyn. I’m sorry to read that about Stanley. Unfortunately, we lost Willow last year. We are utterly heartbroken by her passing.

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