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Gus & Bella Cat Subscription Box Review

As a new cat mum to two adorable twelve-week old tuxedo kittens, I was so excited to surprise them with the Gus & Bella cat subscription box. What makes these subscription boxes unique is that there are also treats inside the box for us humans too. Double the fun! So I’m super delighted that the lovely people at Gus & Bella sent this box out for me to review and here we are, all four of us enjoying the goodies together.

Plus they have two special discount codes for you to get money off a box of your own. For 20% off your first monthly or bi-monthly subscription box use code SIMPLYEMMA. Or SIMPLYEMMA10 for 10% off a one-off gift box.

Emma sitting in her wheelchair holding the Gus & Bella cat subscription box on her lap. Her two black and white kittens are sitting on each of her wheelchair armrests.Cats are very curious creatures and that couldn’t be any truer for our two girls, Arlo and Willow. As soon as Allan brought the box out, they immediately began sniffing around it before he could even open it.

A black and white kitten laying on the floor next to the Gus & Bella cat subscription box. The kitten is black and white. She is chewing on a leaflet.There were leaflets outside the box which Willow immediately started rolling around on. She was excitedly flipping on her side and back so whatever she could smell, she was loving it. I suspect it was the catnip inside the box. While Arlo lay on the floor and chewed on a leaflet.

Who are Gus & Bella?

Gus and Bella are two beautiful indoor cats who live in London with their owners, Emily and Charlie. Just like ourselves, Emily and Charlie want to provide a fun and healthy home environment for their two furballs. They decided to create a joint cat and owner subscription box full of treats because they were always looking for ways to keep them entertained and content, especially being indoor cats. I think every cat owner can relate to always wanting to spoil them.

What’s inside the Gus & Bella cat subscription box?

The box has a new theme each month. ‘Beach Pawty’ is the theme for this month’s Gus & Bella cat box so it’s bursting with summery beach vibes, which is perfect for the current heatwave. All the contents were a surprise and neatly packaged so it was fun to let the kittens explore and pull things out.

Two black and white kittens laying on the floor next to the Gus & Bella cat subscription box. They are both playing with the packaging from the box. They had a great time rolling around in the packaging and finding their new toys inside especially the one smelling of catnip.

A black and white kitten sitting on the sofa next to the Gus & Bella cat subscription box. The box is open showing all the contents inside.A close up shot of the contents of the Gus & Bella Cat Subscription BoxThere were nine items inside the box – seven for the kittens and two for us. The items we received were:

Treats for humans

1. Simon’s Cat Eco-Friendly Lunchbox

This is a lovely eco-friendly lunchbox made from bamboo fibre. I’m looking forward to enjoying more picnics in the park and beach trips after months of shieldings. This is the perfect size for taking my lunch with me and it isn’t bulky so I can easily hold it. It also fits nicely in my bag on the back of my wheelchair.

2. Purrmaid Lagoon Soy Wax Candle

We love candles so we were really happy to receive this exclusive Gus & Bella candle in our box. It’s cherry, plum and vanilla scented and it’s amazing. It has been made in the UK and the lovely people at Gus & Bella illustrated the design on the lid. It’s a purrmaid which is two of my favourite things in one, cats and mermaids. Perfect!

Photo collage: First photo is the lunch box with the word "yum" and a doodle of a cat. Second photo is the purrmaid soy wax candle.Kitten sitting inside an empty Gus & Bella cat subscription box. The items of the box are laying on the floor around the box.

Treats for the kittens

3. Fish String Toy by Cat ‘N’ Caboodle

This fish string toy was an instant hit with my two girls. I love the colour of the mermaid-effect fish and how it has them jumping and chasing it for ages. The ring allows you to hold it on your finger while they jump and bat it about. They both get so excited with this toy so we just need to be careful of their claws when they pounce for it (a hazard of being a pawrant).

4. Handmade Catnip Ice Cream Toy

Before we could even open the box properly, Arlo and willow were already sticking their heads inside and having a good nosey around. This cute ice cream toy was the first thing they pulled out and played with. It’s handmade and has catnip inside which they loved. It was a beautiful warm day so we were both a little jealous that the kittens had ice cream and we didn’t. It was the cutest thing seeing them walk around with this ice cream toy in their mouths.

5&6. Blink! Tuna & Salmon fillets / Blink! Flaked tuna fillets (two pouches)

Blink! is a British company and all their products are made from 100% natural ingredients and premium fillets with no added sugar, grains, cereal or salt. We have always fed Arlo and Willow the best quality food, so we will be happy to try them with these Blink! meals too because we know they are healthy, delicious and give them a balanced diet. Suitable for cats and kittens.

A kitten sitting upfront looking up at the camera with the contents of the box laying out on the floor next to her. Two black and white kittens playing with their toys from the Gus & Bella cat subscription box. A black and white kitten playing with a fish toy.

7. Blink! Jumblers Treats

Arlo and Willow both loved these alphabet shape treats. Must admit, they were opened almost immediately as a way of enticing them both to sit for more than a second so we could take photos. But they loved the treats so much that they couldn’t sit still at all. Willow scoffed hers and tried to steal Arlo’s. Again, these are made with all natural ingredients and baked in a woodfired oven. A big hit with our girls.

8. Catit Creamy Sticks

We haven’t tried Arlo and Willow with these creamy sticks yet, but I think they will enjoy them. It’s also recommended to freeze them to make yummy ice pop treats, which will be ideal on these warm summer days. I’m excited for them to try these.

9. Pet Remedy De-stress Wipes

We all like to relax at the beach. It’s important that our cats aren’t feeling anxious or stressed so inside this beach themed box are Pet Remedy valerian wipes. We don’t know how our kittens will react to things like fireworks so I’m keen to use them when they’re feeling stressed. Wiping over their necks gives them instant soothing. I wish we had these wipes a few weeks ago when we were trying to give them their worming medication. These could also be great for anxious vet trips.

How To Subscribe To Gus & Bella

The Gus & Bella cat subscription box is perfect for cat lovers. Whether you want to spoil your cat, yourself, or someone you know who is a crazy cat person, then I would recommend checking out the Gus & Bella website for the subscription or one-off box options.

We loved all the contents of our Beach Pawty Gus & Bella cat subscription box. Everything was lovely and of high quality, and most importantly, Arlo and Willow approved.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Monthly – £26.95 plus £2.95 P&P
  • Bi-Monthly – £28.95 plus £2.95 P&P
  • One-off Gift Box – £30 plus £2.95 P&P

Plus, there is a golden ticket hidden inside a box giving someone the chance to win a cat-themed prize.

Don’t forget to use SIMPLYEMMA to get 20% off your first monthly or bi-monthly box. Or SIMPLYEMMA10 for 10% off a one-off gift box.

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Gus & Bella Cat Subscription Box Review

Gus & Bella Cat Subscription Box Review

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