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Gus & Bella: Cat Lover Subscription Box | ‘Feline Spooky’ Halloween Special

Our two tuxedo kittens have been with us for three months now and there is no denying they’ve completely captured our hearts. It’s important to us that we give them lots of enrichment especially being indoor cats. One of the things they loved was the Gus & Bella cat subscription box back in August. They both got lots of enjoyment from the toys and food inside that box. It’s the perfect cat lover subscription box for treating you and your cat.

Two black and white kittens sitting behind a subscription box filled with treats and toys. They are both looking up with their big bright eyes.

So it was lovely to hear from Gus & Bella again to receive their Halloween themed box. We couldn’t resist. But it seemed even more exciting this time around with it being Halloween and having two black (and white) cats.

When you think of Halloween, I’m pretty sure black cats spring to mind. Black cats are a classic Halloween symbol as they are associated with witches and considered evil. They are also seen as bringers of bad luck and objects of superstition.

But in actual fact, that’s not true. Well not for these two sweet girls. Apart from when they are running wild chasing each other around the house for hours.

The Gus & Bella Halloween special ‘Feline Spooky’ subscription box seemed like the perfect match for Arlo and Willow. Spooktacular!

Gus & Bella – Cat Lover Subscription Box

Gus & Bella are another couple of adorable cats and the inspiration for their human parents, Charlie & Emily. Like Allan and I, as well as so many cat owners, they wanted to ensure Gus & Bella were as happy and healthy as possible. That’s when the Gus & Bella cat subscription box was born.

A close up of the items inside the Gus & Bella  Cat Lover Subscription Box | ‘Feline Spooky’ Halloween Special box.

What makes this subscription box extra special is that not only are there treats for your cat, but treats for you inside too. Their aim is ‘delivering happiness to cats and their humans’. What’s not to love about that?

The first Gus & Bella box we received introduced us to Blink cat food. Arlo and Willow loved it so much that we decided to sign up for the subscription to receive the food monthly. They scoff it up as soon as its in their food bowls.

What’s in the Gus & Bella box? | Halloween Special

This month is a Halloween special to get us ‘feeling spooky’ or should I say ‘feline spooky’.

Arlo and willow were both enjoying a cat nap when the box was first brought into the living room. Despite being very tired, they both couldn’t resist getting in on the action and being the curious pair that they are.

Arlo, a black and white tuxedo kitten is stretched up and has their face up at the camera. She is standing on an open Gus & Bella cat box filled with treats and toys.

Just like the last box, they loved pulling out the shredded paper packaging first before finding their toys. I love watching them grab onto things with their paws. Its the cutest thing.

As always the Gus & Bella cat boxes are filled with items that Arlo and Willow can enjoy as well as Allan and me. So what’s in this months box:

Treats for humans:

1. Fluffy Slippers (by Wild Feet)

Now, you know I’m a big fan of slippers. I practically live in them, more so now because I’m home most of the time due to COVID. I’m much comfier in slippers and my feet are usually always cold so slippers help. So when I caught a glimpse of these super fluffy black cat slippers I immediately took my slippers off and put these slippers on. I absolutely love how comfy and soft they are. The design is really cute too. Purrfect!

2. Solid Milk Chocolate (by Hames Chocolates)

Halloween is all about treats so this chocolate lolly is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. I will gift this lolly to my nephew – he will love it!

3. Postcard Design (by Innabox)

Made by Innabox, this Halloween postcard has a scaredy cat design and will look good pinned on the wall or fridge. Again, I’m going to give this to my nephew for Halloween.   

A view looking down at Emma's legs and feet sitting in her wheelchair. Emma is wearing black and white check trousers and fluffy black cat slippers. She is holding a halloween theme chocolate lolly and halloween postcard with a cat design. Laying on the rug at the bottom of Emma's feet is the Gus & Bella cat box.A view looking down at Emma's legs and feet sitting in her wheelchair. Emma is wearing black and white check trousers and fluffy black cat slippers. Laying on the rug at the bottom of Emma's feet is the Gus & Bella cat box.

Treats for cats:

4. Treat Dispenser Toy (by Catit)

We’ve been thinking of getting Arlo and Willow something to make treats a little more exciting. Getting them to work for it encourages their hunt instincts and keeps them entertained for a long time. So this treat dispenser is ideal as they run around chasing and swatting the ball to release the treats inside.

5. Health Treats (by True Leaf Pet)

These hemp treats are packed with vitamin B which are great for eyesight and skin. They also strengthen the immune system and help promote healthy heart and muscles. With no artificial ingredients, these healthy treats are also grain-free and natural, which Arlo and Willow are fans of.

6 & 7. Edgard Cooper Wet & Dry Natural Food

We have always fed Arlo and Willow great quality food from the moment we brought them home. And the wet and dry food from Edgard Cooper is another brand of naturally healthy food for cats. They are packed with fresh fish and meat, natural nutrients and antioxidants which keeps cats looking and feeling good. Another great thing about Edgard Cooper is their biodegradable packaging. I’m sure Arlo and Willow are going to love trying these.

Arlo and Willow (two kittens) are laying next to the Gus & Bella cat subscription box while playing with the toy and shredded paper packaging.

8. Webbox Tasty Sticks

My Mum has bought Arlo and Willow these treat sticks from Webbox before. They both really enjoy them so it was great to have them in this months box because we had run out. We’ll make sure they have some as a treat on Halloween night. They are made of 75% meat and contain no added cereals.

9. Handmade Kicker Catnip Toy (by Stanton’s Chums)

For the number of cat toys we have laying around the house you’d think we had more than two small kittens. But they love playing so I guess there is no such thing as too many toys. And this handmade Halloween kicker toy is a welcome addition for Arlo and Willow who both love playing with it.

Seeing them pick it up and proudly walk around the house with it in their mouths is the cutest and funniest thing to watch. It was custom made by ETSY seller, Stanton’s Chums especially for Gus & Bella and features a spider design and bright orange feather on the end.

It’s a big hit with our Tuxedo kittens. I just wish there were two toys so they could have one each.

Willow the cat sitting on the rug in the livingroom next to a Gus & Bella cat box filled with cat treats and toys.

Look inside the Halloween box in my unboxing video

We took a fun short video as we unboxed the Gus and Bella cat box. In the video, you can see both Arlo and Willow getting in on all the action while helping unbox the contents. Eventually, they got too distracted by the toys and packaging. Have a look at the video below.

Gus & Bella – How To Subscribe

Gus & Bella are a monthly cat subscription with a different theme each month. But if you don’t want to receive one each month, you can opt for bi-monthly or a one-off gift box.

This cat subscription box is perfect for cat lovers. It’s the perfect way to spoil you and your cat or someone you know who is a cat lover. With Christmas coming up it would be a great gift idea and with gifting someone a subscription to the Gus & Bella boxes, its the gift that keeps giving box.

Emma sitting in her powered wheelchair in her livingroom. She is wearing an orange coloured cardigan and black top underneath. Both of her black and white cats are sitting on her lap. They are all looking at the camera.

Gus & Bella Discount Code

If you want to try out Gus & Bella, you can use code: SIMPLYEMMA for 20% off of your first or bi-monthly subscription box.

Or SIMPLYEMMA10 for 10% off a gift box. *Not Affiliated.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Monthly – £26.95 plus £2.95 P&P
  • Bi-Monthly – £28.95 plus £2.95 P&P
  • One-off Gift Box – £30 plus £2.95 P&P

Gus & Bella: Cat Lover Subscription Box | ‘Feline Spooky’ Halloween Special

All the items in the Halloween box are amazing and great quality. I’m especially loving my cosy cat slippers. Arlo and Willow are having a lot of fun with their toys and enjoying their treats. All around thumbs up (cat thumbs too) from us.

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