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The Access Card is Improving Access to Live Events for Disabled

Have you heard of the Access Card? It’s a great little card that makes booking tickets so much easier if you have a disability of any kind.

What is the Access Card?

It can be an unpleasant experience trying to book accessible tickets for an event, but luckily things are improving thanks to organisations like Nimbus Disability who have created the Access Card and CredAbility, which is its quality assurance scheme.

Recently I was approached by the Managing Director to be the first guest blogger for their website. I was thrilled to be asked so of course, I said yes.

How can the Access Card be used?

I think it is important to share my experiences of the Access Card with others who are possibly considering whether it would be beneficial for them and to hopefully encourage more providers to get on board.

You can read my guest post on the Access Card website HERE.

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Have you got an Access Card or thinking of getting one?

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