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Everything You Need To Know About RADAR Keys

You’ve probably had at least one situation where you’ve needed to use the disabled toilet facilities but were unable to do so because you needed an accessible toilet key to unlock the door. It’s happened to me and it’s not pleasant, but there is a solution. Improve your accessibility with a RADAR Key! Find out what they are, where to get them, and how to use them in this guide.

A blue Genuine Radar NKS Key on the left and a RADAR key inserted into door lock of an accessible toilet on the right.

What is a RADAR key? 

A RADAR key is a type of universal access key designed to provide disabled people with access to locked public accessible toilets. The keys are also sometimes referred to as RADAR lock keys or national key scheme (NKS) keys. RADAR keys can be used on any toilet door that has the standard NKS lockset installed and is widely recognised across the UK. 

Who Can Use a RADAR Key?

A RADAR Key should only be used by disabled people. It is important to keep in mind that some people using an accessible toilet might not look disabled since they may have an invisible disability for many reasons such as using a colostomy bag or suffering from incontinence, which requires them to use the disabled toilet facilities. 

Using these keys without a legitimate reason could prevent a disabled person from accessing vital facilities, which could cause them discomfort, distress or embarrassment.

How to Use a RADAR Key for Accessible Toilets 

Using a RADAR Key is easy: simply find the lock on the door, place your RADAR Key inside, and give it a turn like you would with a regular key. Make sure that when you exit the toilet you close the door all the way shut and that the lock has been securely re-locked – this will help ensure the toilet is kept available for other disabled people and prevent misuse/vandalism.

RADAR key being inserted into door lock of an accessible toilet

How to find RADAR key toilet locations in the UK

The RADAR keys give users access to more than 10,000 toilets across the UK in public locations such as shopping centres, leisure centres, parks, stadiums, airports, train stations, supermarkets, and hospitals.

Where to Purchase a RADAR Key?  

I advise getting in touch with your local council before rushing out to buy a RADAR key because they occasionally have keys available to give out to disabled people in the local area.

Alternatively, official RADAR Keys can be purchased from the Disability Rights UK store or the Blue Badge Company. They typically cost around £5.

It’s also possible to purchase RADAR Keys through other websites, like this Blue Badge Company key on Amazon. However, some may not be genuine and only the official NKS keys are recognised as genuine RADAR keys.

Emma, a female wheelchair user sat outside a Changing Places toilet which is RADAR key locked.
Emma is outside a Changing Places toilet which is RADAR key locked

Benefits of Using a RADAR Key in Increasing Accessibility 

Using a RADAR Key not only provides easier access to disabled toilets but also provides greater independence and privacy to disabled people. Instead of having to rely on finding a staff member with the key, which can be difficult in some incidences, people with their own RADAR key can get access quickly and independently. It also eliminates any awkwardness or embarrassment that might occur from asking a member of staff.

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  1. It’s cost about £3 for the key – worth it for peace of mind . And at least they are cleaner than other public loos . Well worth it .

    1. Thanks Martin. It is definitely good to have. The key is currently £5 on Disability Rights UK and Blue Badge Company websites.

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