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City Survivor Supplements Review

Supplements are great for a little extra nutritional boost and recently I touched on the importance of taking my daily vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc for my immune system especially now with COVID-19 around. Its also meant my health and wellness have become more of a priority and I want to ensure my immune system and energy levels are boosted.

So I was really interested when I got the chance to try new supplements from City Survivor who very kindly sent me two products from their range to try out. I wanted to use them consistently before reporting back, so I could give an honest opinion and let you know how I got on. So here are my thoughts after taking them for two months.

Two metal tins containing supplements. Pollution Protection has a blue design on the tin and Night Support has a purple design.

What is City Survivor

City Survivor are not your typical supplement brand and their approach to health is based on super high quality and efficacy. Founded by nutritionist Daisy Connor who has extensive experience in the health industry believes that people need a simple and easy to follow supplement plan that fits effortlessly into busy lifestyles.

All of City Survivor supplements are packed with only the highest quality ingredients that are well-absorbed by the body. So you won’t be taking an “expensive-wee” when you nip to the toilet.

I love that the supplements are all-natural and free of GMO, dairy, soy and gluten. They are vegan and vegetarian with no added excipients which mean “capsules are crammed full of active ingredients only”. What I also love is that City Survivor is sustainable, powered by 100% renewable energy and manufactured in the UK.

Pollution Protection Daily Multi with Antioxidants

First up we have the Pollution Protection Daily Multi, which won Best All-Round Vitamin & Mineral supplement at the 2020 Wellbeing Awards. This daily multi supplement provides essential daily vitamins and minerals and is great for vegans as it contains B12, vegan D3 and cysteine.

What are the ingredients in Pollution Protection supplements?

  • Energy: active B vitamins (Folate, Niacin, P-5-P and B5) combined with CoQ10.
  • Immunity: Vitamin C, D3, Copper, Folate, Selenium, B6, B12 and Zinc.
  • Broad antioxidant complex: Natural Vitamin E, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, N-Acetyl-Cysteine (for glutathione production).
  • Vitamin K2: The most stable microencapsulated K2 – Excellent for women to supplement K2 for bone health.
  • Skin and beauty: high strength antioxidants with biotin.
  • Insulin sensitivity: Alpha Lipoic Acid and Chromium – both known to be useful in case of insulin resistance.
  • Algae extract for natural Beta-Carotene with Alpha-Carotene, Zeaxanthin, and Lutein (that’s what makes the capsules orange)

What are the benefits of Pollution Protection supplements?

The benefits of taking Pollution Protection take a little bit more time to be noticeable, but after a while of consistently taking them, I began seeing improvements. My nails have become a lot stronger (and grow faster), I have more energy and my skin has improved. I’ve noticed an increase in hair growth too – lots of new hair, which I’m loving. They are also known to help with PMS symptoms for lots of women. City Survivor Pollution Protection are great supplements to boost immune systems, which is really important.

I take Pollution Protection every morning with my breakfast. If I forget to take them in the morning then I’ll make sure I have it with my lunch.

Two metal tins containing supplements. Pollution Protection has a blue design on the tin and Night Support has a purple design. The lids are off and the tins are laid on their sides with some of the supplement capsules scattered.

Night Support Magnesium & Theanine Complex

Next up we have the Night Support Magnesium & Theanine Complex supplement. Night support is for busy brains that need help to chill out at bedtime. Containing a blend of magnesium and amino acids that promotes calming neurotransmitters to aid natural sleep rather than using sedatives. This means you won’t feel drowsy in the morning.

What are the ingredients in Night Support supplements?

  • Magnesium: for the normal function of the nervous system, reduces tiredness and fatigue.
  • L-Taurine: great for vegans as there isn’t L-Taurine in plant protein.
  • L-Theanine: an amino acid usually found in green teas and helps promote relaxation without drowsiness.

What are the benefits of Night Support supplements?

It’s often hard to judge whether taking supplements have a direct effect or not, but I have definitely noticed a positive difference when I take the Night Support 30 minutes before bed. My sleep isn’t as deep or restful when I don’t take them compared to when I do.

I usually find it difficult to switch my brain off at night time and find myself thinking of everything I‘ve done or still need to do. But these supplements have really helped calm my mind and fall into a deep sleep. My sleep was always broken throughout the night due to waking up multiple times, but I’ve noticed I don’t do that when I’ve taken Night Support.

Night support can also be taken during the day when you feel stressed and can’t concentrate. This is really handy when I’m struggling to focus on work and juggling multiple projects at once.

Two metal tins containing supplements. Pollution Protection has a blue design on the tin and Night Support has a purple design. The lids are off and the tins are laid on their sides with some of the supplement capsules scattered.


When buying products I try to be mindful and avoid plastic as much as possible. So I love that City Survivor supplements come in recyclable metal tins with biodegradable security seals to avoid unnecessary plastics.

City Survivor Supplements – The Verdict

I have slotted City Survivor supplements perfectly into my daily routine. Taking the Pollution Protection in the morning with breakfast sets me up for the day and Night Support just before going to bed helps calm everything down so I can get a good restful sleep.

Sleep is very important for people, like me with Muscular Dystrophy as it allows our muscles to recover and repair.

Read more: Fatigue Management: Ways to Manage Muscle Fatigue with Muscular Dystrophy).

I have really enjoyed taking these City Survivor supplements and love that they’re packed full of all the vitamins and minerals I need and more. Before switching to City Survivor, I used to take multiple different brands of supplements, but now I only take these two because I know they are reliable and super high quality. If you are wondering “what supplements do I need?”, then I would recommend you check out City Survivor supplements as they cover such a wide basis while providing super high quality.

Pollution Protection is priced at £34.95 which are slightly pricey but you do get 60 capsules packed full of vital vitamins and minerals, which is great. In the past, I’ve bought various different supplements all costing more and containing less than half the ingredients that Pollution Protection have. However, Night Support are priced lower at £14.95 but you are still getting 60 capsules.

Pinterest image showing the City Survivor supplements in metal tins laid on their sides with the lid off and capsules scattered. With text at the bottom of the image " City Survivor Supplements Review" Pinterest image showing two photos of the City Survivor supplements in metal tins. With text in the centre of the image " City Survivor Supplements Review"

*The products were gifted to me by City Survivor for review, but there was no requirement for me to rate them positively, and the opinions, as always, are my own.

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