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Blairgowrie Holiday Park Review: Wheelchair Accessible Caravan Holiday

If you’re looking for an affordable caravan holiday in the beautiful Perthshire area of Scotland, then I know just the place for you. And if you want a comfortable and accessible base with peaceful surroundings but close to restaurants, shops and things to do then Blairgowrie Holiday Park could be the perfect wheelchair accessible caravan holiday for you.

Blairgowrie Holiday Park is one of six Wood Leisure Holiday Parks in Scotland. Each holiday park is located in a picturesque area of Scotland with beautiful scenery, outdoor activities and relaxation. That’s exactly what we got with our weekend caravan break at Blairgowrie.

As a child, I loved nothing more than going on a caravan holiday. There was always a sense of adventure as the car got packed up with a week’s worth of belongings and food.

My sisters and I would each stuff a backpack full of snacks and things to keep us entertained during the car journey. Colouring books, puzzle books, walkman with our favourite cassette tapes (yes, cassettes) and hand-held games.

The fun began as soon as we arrived at the caravan. There was always something to do and most likely a beach nearby. The arcades were one of my favourites.

Emma sitting outside on the decking beside the caravan door. Emma is looking across to the other caravans. She is wearing a blue and orange striped cardigan, black skinny jeans and white converse shoes.I got to relive those childhood caravan memories when Euan’s Guide and Wood Leisure Holiday Park invited me along for a weekend stay at Blairgowrie Holiday Park. This time was a little different though as it was my first time in a wheelchair accessible caravan.

I must admit, Allan and I had our first ever holiday in a caravan in Glenluce. It was advertised as ‘accessible’, but it was far from being accessible. My wheelchair couldn’t even fit down the little hallway so Allan had to literally carry me everywhere. That was twelve years ago and thankfully, accessibility has gotten better.

Getting to Blairgowrie Holiday Park

Our journey to Blairgowrie Holiday Park was really easy. Once my nephew finished school that day we picked him and my sister up and loaded the car with their things. It took us just over an hour to get to the caravan park, which was relatively hassle-free apart from the crazy traffic jam coming through Perth. It was rush hour so couldn’t be helped.

We stopped and picked up a chippy takeaway a few minutes from the caravan as we were all really hungry.

We arrived at the caravan park just after 6pm so the reception was closed. There was a phone number on the door so we quickly called it. A lovely woman answered and said she was already on her way over to welcome us.

Emma driving her powered wheelchair up the ramp of the wheelchair accessible caravan.

Our accessible caravan was the first one, right by the reception so we didn’t have to go far. The ramp outside the caravan was a clear indicator that it was the wheelchair accessible caravan. The woman met us inside and explained how everything worked and gave us a map of the site.

Emma sitting in her powered wheelchair in the middle of the caravan livingroom.

Once dinner was out the way it was time to have a look around. One of the first things I noticed apart from the lovely decor was how spacious it was.

I had visions of being stuck in the corner of the living room and not having enough space to move around freely in my wheelchair.

Thankfully it was nothing like the caravan we stayed in twelve years ago and Allan’s poor back was saved from having to lift me everywhere this time.

The Glen Clova Wheelchair Accessible Caravan at Blairgowrie Holiday Park

Our wheelchair accessible caravan had everything we needed for a few days away. We normally stay in lodges, so this was a little different for us but it was lovely and cosy with the gas central heating and double glazing windows.

The temperature in the bedrooms was cooler but we found ourselves spending most of the time in the living room anyway.

Isn’t that what caravan holidays are all about anyway. Cosying up and spending time together as a family.

We filled our time by playing games, and watching movies and wildlife TV shows. My nephew loved it.

Our wheelchair accessible caravan with a few caravans in the background and a sunset.
Emma sitting in her wheelchair on the outside decking of the caravan. The sun has set and the sky is a dusty pink/purple colour. Emma is wearing a grey and white stripe sweatshirt.

Living and Dining Area

Livingroom of our wheelchair accessible caravan. Dining area of our wheelchair accessible caravan.

The living room had a corner couch, small coffee table, flatscreen TV with a small collection of DVDs, a gas fire and a dining table.

The dining table was a good height for me to sit and eat at, but I did have to remove my footplates to get under properly. The two stools were easy to move out of the way and position wherever you wanted. They were even good as a footstool.


View of the kitchen from the livingroom. View of the kitchen from the livingroom. The photo shows the lowered sink and cooker. View of the kitchen from the bedroom.

The kitchen was nice and a good size with all the essentials we needed. Even the sink was wheelchair accessible with space to roll underneath. Luckily I didn’t get made to do the dishes.

There was a cooker and microwave that were also at a lower height making it easier for wheelchair users to reach while cooking.

The hallway was wide enough for my wheelchair to manoeuvre easily and sliding doors led into each bedroom and bathroom.


Twin bedroom with a portable helper frame. Emma sitting in her powered wheelchair in the wheelchair accessible bedroom. She is sitting inbetween the twin beds. Emma is wearing a blue jumper, jeans and white converse shoes.

There were two bedrooms in our caravan. Our room was surprisingly spacious and I loved it. I could literally drive-in and move about with no issues. Sometimes I find it difficult to do that in some hotel rooms so to be able to do that in our caravan bedroom was amazing.

When I first got told about this caravan, I initially thought it had a hoist over the bed. Unfortunately, it isn’t a hoist. It is, in fact, a portable helper frame.

This will work for some people, but for me and my disability, it doesn’t work as I have no strength or ability to lift my arms to pull myself up.

I think it’s great this is available for those who need it, but I’m not sure if it would be possible to install a ceiling track hoist.

A chest of drawers placed inbetween the twin beds. There is power sockets beside each bed and one has a USB socket.

There was a small chest of drawers between the beds with lamps. A power socket was beside each bed so charging phones, laptops or using medical equipment shouldn’t be a problem. One of the sockets even had a USB slot.

The twin beds were really comfortable and I didn’t need my trusty inflatable mat I always travel with. I honestly slept like a baby, but I think that had something to do with the heavenly duvet. Okay, enough about the cloud-like duvet.

Second twin bedroom.

My sister and nephew took the smaller room (pictured above) and it worked out great for them. They didn’t need much space so they managed with the two single beds.

A single wardrobe and bedside tables with a lamp on each side divided their beds. The beds were comfortable and they both slept really well over the weekend.

All bedrooms had plenty of storage for clothes and space under the beds for suitcases and portable hoists.

Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom

Accessible wet room bathroom Accessible wet room bathroom

The bathroom was my biggest worry before arriving, but it was surprisingly bigger than I expected. It was basic but had the essentials including grab rails beside the toilet, a roll-in shower and the sink.

The shower had a wall-mounted shower seat, but there would definitely be enough space if you brought your own shower chair with you.

There was even enough space for me to drive my wheelchair into the bathroom and turn, which was great.

Accessible Decking Area

Emma and her nephew on the outside decking.Emma sitting in her powered wheelchair at the accessible picnic table on the outside decking.

Had the weather been a little warmer we would have made full use of the accessible decking area. It would be lovely to sit out and dine at the wheelchair accessible picnic table which has an extended end allowing easier access.

Blairgowrie Holiday Park Onsite Facilities

Kid’s Playpark

A close up view of the kid's playpark. Emma's nephew is playing in the playpark which replicates a ship. The children's playpark painted in bright colours. Allan pushing his nephew on a spider web swing in the kid's playpark. This photo shows how close the playpark is to the wheelchair accessible caravan.

When we weren’t playing card games like snap, we were playing outside in the park, which was so handy being right outside our caravan.

It was a well looked after play park painted in bright colours, which made it really stand out. My nephew loved playing in it.

Laundry & Shower Facilities

Laundry facilities, heated toilet/shower rooms, as well as family and accessible bathrooms, are available on-site for all guests to use if required, especially handy for guests who are camping on site.

Things To Do At Blairgowrie Holiday Park

The whole point of caravan holidays is to get away from normal routines, spent time with friends and family and do whatever you want. 

Blairgowrie Holiday Park is a great little place located in a quiet area in the town’s outskirts surrounded by hills and woodlands.

Its ideal location makes it easy to explore and visit many of Scotland’s big cities and main attractions. If you are looking for things to do, here are some recommendations as well as a few things we did while at Blairgowrie Holiday Park.

Local Walks

The town centre is only a short walk away with a range of shops, restaurants and bars. There are supermarkets like Tesco and Co-op as well as many takeaway restaurants. Whilst driving through the town on our way to Dundee we spotted the Strathmore & The Glens Community Markets, which takes place on selected Saturdays.

Strathmore & The Glens Community Markets


We enjoyed a day trip to Dundee which is around 30-40 minutes from Blairgowrie. We were initially going to visit the new V&A Dundee museum and get some lunch in the cafe/restaurant.

Unfortunately, yet unsurprisingly there was a massive queue along the street for admission into the V&A museum that had just opened its doors, so we decided to give that a miss.

Instead, we headed to a lovely Italian restaurant located near the Overgate shopping centre and had some pasta.

Read more: Visiting V&A Dundee In A Wheelchair

Emma sitting in her wheelchair while her nephew sits on her lap. They are looking at a giant penguin painted to look like a flamingo. Emma sitting in her wheelchair while her nephew sits on her lap. They are sitting beside a giant penguin decorated to look like a rocker with a mohawk hairstyle.

After lunch, we walked to Slessor Gardens to see 180 colourful giant penguins at Maggie’s Penguin Parade Farewell Gathering before they were auctioned for charity.

Camperdown Wildlife Centre

Camperdown Wildlife Centre is located in the lovely Camperdown Country Park. It is a perfect wee day out as it is only thirty minutes from Blairgowrie Holiday Park.

Admission prices are very reasonable at £5.50 (adult) and £4.40 (child over 3) and one carer free.

Emma and her nephew looking at a map of Camperdown Wildlife Centre An animal enclosure at Camperdown Wildlife Centre Meerkats at Camperdown Wildlife Centre

There is a wide range of animals including bears, monkeys, donkeys, wolves, bears and much more. Uniquely set within the forest. The enclosures are well maintained, incorporating a lot of the natural surroundings which is good to see.

If you’re not quite ready to head back to the caravan after seeing the animals, then there is always the cafe to grab a snack and drink. Accessible toilets are available.

Final Thoughts

Staying in The Glen Clova wheelchair accessible caravan at Blairgowrie Holiday Park made me realise that there are suitable wheelchair accessible caravans available, making it possible to enjoy caravan holidays again.

The accessibility of the caravan suited me very well. The caravan was also modern, comfortable and in peaceful surroundings but close enough to shops, restaurants and attractions.

We really enjoyed our time at the caravan and would definitely return for another stay at Blairgowrie Holiday Park.

Do you enjoy caravan holidays? Have you stayed in a wheelchair accessible caravan?

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A massive thank you to Euan’s Guide for inviting me on this Ambassador trip and to Blairgowrie Holiday Park for welcoming me as a guest in return for an honest review. 


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