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Alfie’s 5k Charity Run for Muscular Dystrophy UK

I’m proud as punch to reveal that my amazing nephew and his dad completed a 5k run on Saturday 25th July. What makes this extra special is that Alfie is four years old and chose to run in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK.

Alfie and his Dad Scott having their photo taken together. Both are wearing their Muscular Dystrophy charity t-shirts.
Alfie and Dad Scott.

Fundraising For Muscular Dystrophy UK

As many of you will know, I have Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, which makes Alfie’s chosen charity one that is close to my heart.

I was completely taken aback when my sister-in-law, Laura sent me a message letting me know Alfie wanted to do a sponsored run.

It all came about when they were out a walk with his little sister, Darcie, in her buggy. Alfie was running alongside the buggy and Laura suggested he could do a sponsored run or something similar for charity.

After explaining to him what a sponsored run would involve, Alfie immediately said he wanted to do it for Muscular Dystrophy to “help people like auntie Emma get wheelchairs”.

Alfie and his Mum Laura standing next to Broxi Bear, the Rangers mascot at the finish line. Alfie has his medal and trophy.
Alfie with Mum, Laura and Broxi Bear at the finish line.

Laura set up the JustGiving page and set an initial target of £200. To everyone’s surprise, it exceeded all expectations and quickly went from only family and close friends donating to a much wider spread of support.

The donations soon mounted up to more than £4000.

Gaining Support From Alfie’s Heroes

Also unexpected was the amazing support Alfie and his fundraising page got from his favourite football team, Rangers.

His hero Scott Arfield sent Aflie a special message wishing him well before sending him photos to hang on his Rangers themed bedroom.

You can see in the video above how utterly speechless Alfie was, even holding back tears and reaching for his teddy bear while watching Scott Arfield’s video message to him.

Alfie standing on this football goals bed with Ross and Robby McCrorie (two Rangers players) sitting beside him.
Alfie with Rangers players, Ross and Robby McCrorie.

If that wasn’t enough of a surprise, two Rangers player Ross and Robby McCrorie appeared on Alfie’s doorstep the night before his big run.

Completely shocked and over the moon by the two visitors, Alfie excitedly chatted to them for more than an hour, asking them questions like “what is it like playing for Rangers?”.

The media also got on board and cheered Alfie on including an interview on Radio Clyde (you can listen to it below), articles in the Daily Record and The Falkirk Herald.

Run, Alfie, Run!

With his orange Muscular Dystrophy UK t-shirt and running shoes on, Alfie set off on his big run with dad Scott. He loved every minute of it and didn’t even want to stop for a break.

It wasn’t just family and friends cheering Alfie on. Cars driving by tooted their horns and one woman even stopped to give him a donation.

Alfie and dad Scott running during their 5k run. Both are wearing orange Muscular Dystrophy t-shirts and black shorts. Alfie and dad Scott running during their 5k run. Both are wearing orange Muscular Dystrophy t-shirts and black shorts.

Due to shielding, we weren’t sure if we would make it through to see Alfie on the day. Thankfully, shielding restrictions eased a little the day before so we decided to drive over to see him. I’m so glad we did.

Emma and Alfie together. They are both smiling at the camera. Emma and Alfie together. Alfie is smiling at the camera while Emma looks and smiles at Alfie.However, we made the tough decision not to wait at the finish line and instead choose to see Alfie during the run at a quiet spot with fewer people around. Damn you COVID!

I was delighted to grab a quick photo with Alfie before his little, but fast legs took off again.

Crossing The Finish Line

Completing the 5k run in only 46 minutes.

What an achievement – record breaking!

Alfie wearing his medal around his neck and holding a trophy at the finish line. Broxi bear the mascot is kneeling beside him.
Alfie crossing the finishing line with his medal and trophy.

Afterwards, Alfie was treated to a surprise party complete with a bouncy castle and garden party with his cousins. He certainly earned it!

Alfie wearing his medal around his neck and holding a trophy at the finish line. Broxi bear the mascot is giving him a high-five.Little sister Darcie who is two also joined in the fun and proudly displayed her support by wearing an orange t-shirt with “Go Big Bro. #Team Alfie”

Alfie's little sister Darcie, two, drinking juice wearing an orange t-shirt with a message written on it saying "Go Big Bro! #TeamAlfie".
Little sister, Darcie, supporting big bro Alfie with a special message on her t-shirt.

Watch Alfie Take On His 5k Challenge

The family gathered video clips and photos of Alfie and Scott during their 5k run and put in altogether in this lovely video. This is one that we will always enjoy to watch over the years.


The entire family are so proud of Alfie’s determination and big heart. He has achieved something so amazing at such a young age and I know he is set for bigger things to come. We also won’t be surprised to see him playing professional football on TV one day. Just watch this space!

Alfie, Laura and Scott standing next to Broxi Bear. They are all wearing Muscular DYstrophy UK t-shirts. Laura is holding a cheque writtento MDUK for Three Thousand Six Hundred. For Auntie Emma from Alfie."
Alfie, Mum Laura and Dad Scott with Broxi Bear.

Thank you to Laura and Scott for organising this fundraiser, it has been absolutely amazing. An extra special thank you to Alfie and Scott for all your hard work and enthusiasm for the run, but most of all for completing the 5k mini-marathon. I also want to thank everyone who has donated and cheered Alfie on – it is greatly appreciated. 🧡

Visit to donate to Alfie’s challenge.

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