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6 Disability Aids I Use in My Daily Routine as a Wheelchair User

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Living with a condition called Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, means constantly adapting and finding new ways to do things, especially as the condition progresses. This might involve getting help from carers or using special equipment to make daily tasks easier. So, what are some of the things I use in my daily routine as a wheelchair user?

Emma sitting at her vanity mirror holding a Kohl Kreatives makeup brush doing her makeup.
Emma uses her adaptive makeup brushes

1. Stand-Aid Hoist

One of the most used pieces of equipment in my daily routine is my stand-aid hoist. I use this hoist for bed, wheelchair, and toilet transfers. The hoist is designed to imitate the natural way of standing, which makes it more comfortable for me. It’s also compact and easy to take apart when I travel.

2. Shower Chair

As a full-time power wheelchair user, I find showers much easier and more practical than baths. My wetroom bathroom at home has a roll-in shower, and I use a shower chair on wheels that allows me to be wheeled in and out of the shower with ease. Different types of aids can help with showering, such as shower commode chairs, shower benches, and stools to suit individual needs.

3. Electric toothbrush

Using an electric toothbrush is an item that enables me to take care of my dental hygiene without having to exert myself and use a lot of energy. It isn’t necessarily a disability aid, but as someone with muscle weakness in my arms and limited hand dexterity, I find it helpful for getting squeaky-clean teeth.

4. Adaptive Makeup brushes

My muscle weakness also means that I can’t lift my arms, so I need help with most tasks. But I have also found ways to adapt and get things done as independently as possible. To help me do my makeup, I use adaptive makeup brushes and products that have been designed for disabled people with limited hand ability. Using these products has transformed my makeup routine.

5. Cough Assist Machine

My respiratory muscles have been weakened by Muscular Dystrophy, which reduces my ability to produce an effective cough. To help with this, I use a cough assist machine daily for chest physio, sometimes several times daily. The machine involves placing a mask over my mouth and nose, which then helps me take a deep breath by blowing air into my lungs, clearing my airways, opening up my lungs, and then exhaling with a cough. When I have a cold, I find the symptoms feel worse at night. These tips from Simba on how to sleep with a cough have been helpful.

6. Profiling Bed

After a long day of sitting in my wheelchair, there is no better feeling than getting into bed, stretching out, or just getting cosy. I have a profiling bed, so I can easily adjust my position and get comfortable at the touch of a button. I can elevate my upper body to support me while sitting up in bed, and I often elevate my legs to relieve aches and pain.

These are just some of the disability living aids I use every day as a wheelchair user. I’m always on the lookout for new products that can make life a little easier and more comfortable, so I’d love to hear your recommendations for disability aids that you’ve found helpful.

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