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6 Cities I Really Need To Visit Again

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of setting off on an adventure to somewhere new. Whether that be via trains, planes and automobiles (favourite movie plug). I just love visiting new places, making special memories and really taking in what the destination has to offer. I’ve always believed that it’s a big world out there just waiting to be explored so why limit yourself and your experiences by visiting the same place over and over.

However, there is something quite special about re-visiting cities that captured your heart and falling in love with the place and people all over again. I’m sure there will be many more cities added to the list over the years. For now, here are 6 cities I really need to visit again.

#1: New York

6 Cities I Really Need To Visit AgainNew York City has been my number one love for as long as I can remember. Like most people, I fell in love with the city from watching movies as a child. As I got older so did my love and desire to visit the city. We have been lucky enough to have visited three times and each trip was amazing. The last time we were there was a few days before Christmas and it was a fantastic experience. Sitting below Rockefeller Christmas Tree, watching the ice-skating in Central Park, browsing the markets and bopping along to the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes. My dream of visiting New York at Christmas came true.

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#2: San Francisco

cities-i'd-love-to-visit-again-san-francisco-pier-39A few years ago we decided to go on a mini-tour of America. The tour included Las Vegas and Los Angeles with San Francisco being the third and last stop of the trip. San Francisco was the city I was most looking forward to and loved the most. Without a doubt, I left my heart in San Francisco but I hope one day I can watch the fog float above the city from the Golden Gate Bridge again, browse the vintage shops in Haight-Ashbury and explore Yosemite National Park.

#3: Barcelona

cities-i'd-love-to-visit-again-barcelona-beach-wheelchairLast month I travelled to Barcelona for the first time. It was a city I had wanted to visit for such a long time and it didn’t disappoint. My only regret is that we didn’t stay for longer because we didn’t manage to do everything we wanted in those four days. We did manage to explore the Gothic Quarter, tour Sagrada Familia and take a dip in the sea with a beach wheelchair. Amazing! Barcelona is a beautiful and extremely accessible city and I can’t wait to visit again. We’re already planning a trip for next year and hope to visit Montjuic when we’re there.

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#4: Vienna

cities-i'd-love-to-visit-again-viennaAnother city that I managed to cross off my travel bucket list this year. Again we only had a short stay in Vienna so we tried to do as much as we could. We loved the look and feel of Vienna. There were so many beautiful art-deco buildings and parks. The next time we visit we’ll make sure to watch the ballet on the outdoor screens outside Vienna State Opera, wander through the Prater and take a ride on the Ferris wheel.

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#5: Paris

cities-i'd-love-to-visit-again-parisParis is a city I’ve visited twice. The second visit was definitely my favourite as I had a better understanding of where we were and how to get around. It also felt more relaxed compared to the first time which meant we were able to enjoy yourselves more. Since we’ve done a lot of the main tourist attractions already, I’d love to visit again and explore the areas that are not typically touristy. It’s always good to experience things like the locals.

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#6: London

cities-i'd-love-to-visit-again-london-london-eyeI didn’t expect to enjoy London as much as I did. Our trip was planned solely around seeing Kings of Leon at the BST Hyde Park festival. However, we ended up adding an extra two days onto the trip so we could see more of the city without feeling rushed. London is a big place with so many things to see and do, so another trip is definitely on the cards.

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Have you ever visited any of these cities? If not, what cities would you like to visit again?

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  1. Your posts are always so inspiring Emma. I run a couple of Support Groups for PWMS (People With Multiple Sclerosis) and always share your posts to our FB page (Alton & Petersfield Multiple Sclerosis Group). Some of our members often experience what I call the ‘POM’S’ (Poor Old Me’s) and frequently tell me that your posts lift their spirits with your positivity,zest for life and ‘can do’ attitude! I also have MS and a full-time power chair user for the past eight years but I love life and trying to improve it for others in a similar situation. I’m not immune to the occaisional POM’S but my working background stood me in good stead for life in a wheelie. I worked at Treloar College in Alton, Hampshire an FE College for students with physical and learning difficulties. It was and still is the most amazing and inspirational place – if you have a moment take a look at their website and I think you’ll agree. If you’re ever looking for accessible accommodation here in Hampshire you might like to consider ‘Flat Spaces’ which has been established by Tom Yendell an ex Treloar Student now in his 50’s who became a renowned ‘foot and mouth’ artist and like yourself an ambassador for disabilities. Thank you so much for encouraging the disabled community that with the right attitude the world can be accessible to everyone. My very best wishes, Angie x

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