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5 of the Safest Cities to Navigate With a Disability

City breaks are the perfect way to take in all the hustle and bustle a country has to offer. With more and more disabled travellers heading abroad each year, so many countries are now taking significant steps in making them as accessible as possible. I love getting out and hitting the streets of the city, and here are five of the safest cities to navigate with a disability.

1. Barcelona

5 of the Safest Cities to Navigate With a Disability: A view of Barcelona city from up high overlooking the streets and beach.Believe it or not, but Barcelona has one of the safest disabled beaches in the world. The Nova Icària Beach is undoubtedly the most accessible beach I have ever visited and combined the fun of the city with the joys of the seaside. The beach has a wheelchair friendly promenade that takes you all the way to the seafront, as well as specially designed wheelchairs to use on the beach. As if that wasn’t enough, the rest of the city has been designed with disabilities in mind thanks to their public transport system and disabled access taxis.

2. Amsterdam

5 of the Safest Cities to Navigate With a Disability: Boats lined up along a canal in Amsterdam during a beautiful sunny.As if I needed more of an excuse to head back to Amsterdam, this is one of the safest cities to navigate with a disability. Not only are the streets entirely wide and flat, but many of the buildings have been upgraded to make them fully accessible to the disabled – including the Van Gogh Museum, where disabled tourists are offered priority. The trams are the perfect transport for getting around the city, while several canal boats have been upgraded to accommodate nearly everyone’s needs. Now, you can enjoy the city from the famous waters, too.

3. Paris

5 of the Safest Cities to Navigate With a Disability: Eiffel Tower in Paris on a sunny day with clear blue skies.Sure, most of us have seen photos of the Eiffel Tower, but have you ever thought about visiting while in a wheelchair? Using Google’s street view is one of the many ways you can see the surrounding area of local attractions. This way you can check to see how user-friendly the streets are before booking your visit. Thankfully, the famous tower is accessible to the first two floors. If you want to enjoy even more of what Paris has to offer, there is everything from guided tours to swimming pools that have been adapted with our needs in mind.

4. New York

New York is famously known for being the city that never sleeps, and thankfully, the Big Apple is busy becoming one of the safest cities to navigate with a disability. There are over 200 of the famous yellow taxis that are wheelchair accessible and can be specially booked through Accessible Dispatch. You couldn’t miss out on a ride in one, could you? Most of the main attractions offer priority entry to disabled visitors, while some Broadway theatres even offer a discount – bonus!

5. London

5 of the Safest Cities to Navigate With a Disability: Westminster building Of course, if you want to remove the hassle of travelling abroad while still getting to enjoy all the fun of a city break then why not keep things a little closer to home with a trip to the capital? The underground is becoming more accessible with each year that passes, while all the buses have now been upgraded to kneel to the curb for any wheelchair users. Plus, the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and London Zoo are just some of the many attractions that have now become 100% accessible to everyone.

Cities are some of the best ways to see what the world has to offer. What could be better than taking a holiday while also learning all about the country you’re in? However, with so many places in the world, it can be hard to narrow it down to just five of the safest cities to navigate with a disability. If you have any more suggestions or tips, please be sure to let me know down in the comments below!

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  1. On tight budget my daughter and son in law in wheelchairs! My daughter one request has always been to see paris! Non of us speakes french. what are good budget LODGING? Do you have links! Thanks

    1. Hi Alona. Thank you for your comment. Thats great your daughter is looking to go to Paris. In terms of good budget hotels, I’m not entirely sure. Have you considered hostels? There are sometimes very good modern and accessible hostels in cities?

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