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5 Awesome Things To Love About Road Trips

Honestly, there is nothing more freeing than hitting the road and escaping the daily mundane for a little bit. The excitement of throwing some things in an overnight bag and setting off on a road trip of adventure and freedom.

Sure, it’s always a good idea to have a final destination in mind (especially if you need to book accessible accommodation), but there’s nothing wrong with winging it if you’re more of a spontaneous road-tripper.

Last week I set off on a last minute road trip to Newcastle with my boyfriend. It was our first road trip in a long time, which is surprising as we used to go on them all the time. While driving back home we started talking about all the things we love about road trips.

5 Awesome Things To Love About Road Trips

1. Food pit-stops

I’m always eating healthy and watching what I eat, but while on road trips I try to break that strict rule – remember what I said early about freedom and escaping the daily mundane? Well, that goes for diets too. Life is for enjoying after all and you can always get back on the healthy eating on Monday. Also, that feeling when you are really hungry or thirsty and stop at a garage for supplies. Amazing!

2. Natures beauty

Nature is so incredibly beautiful and ever-changing. It never gets boring passing by the vast green fields and stunning sunsets. We’ve seen some of the most breath-taking sunsets during our road trips, you know the ones that make you pull over and take a million photos of! There are just so many photo opportunities on the open road. Go out and embrace them!

3. Song playlists

It’s always fun to make a few random playlists full of road trip worthy songs. Some songs are just made for road trips – they just have that feeling to them. Where else can we carelessly turn the music up and just not care who hears you?

4. Random/Interesting chats

The thing with road trips is it allows for some great one-on-one quality time with whoever you’re travelling with. You’re likely to be sitting in the car with them for at least a few hours until you reach your destination so what better way than to share some funny childhood stories, random chat or maybe some deeper conversations to pass the time. It’s a great way of getting to know each other better. Nothing beats a good reminiscing session!

5. New discoveries

Sometimes it’s not all about getting to your final destination. Sometimes it’s more about the little towns you discover as you drive through – places you might never have known about that turn out to be great little discoveries. Which in turn makes you wonder why you don’t take more road trips.

Our recent road trip has definitely inspired us to make more time for road trips again. We love taking time out together and exploring new places. I couldn’t ask for a better road trip partner than the one pictured above.

What do you love about road trips?

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